Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The title of this blog post describes the week I have been having especially yesterday. Joe says I've lost my crafting mojo this week hehe.

It has felt like everything I have tried to do or make this week is just going wrong. I guess everyone has those weeks though.

The handmade presents are almost done. I wish they were done but its not the case. The alligator is all finished and hiding in my closet waiting for his debut. He turned out so cute. My only complaint about him is that alligators are suppose to have long tails and this one kind of had a short stubby tail. I would like to make this pattern again and adjust the length of the tail. This one was the patterns fault and not mine so I can kind of live with that. Joe says Victoria will love him anyway. He is going to get a big red bow and a tag and he is ready for giving. I did not want to attempt to wrap him.

The lamb is getting to the almost finished stage. I should be working on it right now actually. She may end up needing to wait on her cardigan until after she is given but Im pretty sure she will be finished on time.

The Llama pictures are in their frame and it turned out so cute. I was kind of annoyed that I bought a frame that fits 3 4x6 photos and had to trim them down because they wouldnt sit flat in the frame. But I guess that is what you get when you spend $2.50 on a frame. That was the start of my troubles.

I went to finish Megans pillow with the glass cutting board. I figured this would be a quick project to finish and get out of the way. Hmmm not so much. I finally got a pillow just how I wanted and its going to work great. I finally own a glue gun, pity even though its brand new it doesnt work. Yep I went to use it and it doesnt work. I think it melts the glue stick but no matter how many times you press the trigger nothing comes out. So that is going back to the shops and hopefully the next one will work. Hopefully there will be no other problems when I try to do this project.

I am making some red mittens for my father in laws girlfriend. I am cutting these from a felted jumper. The first mitten came out ok and I should have stuck to the way I did that one because the second one is not so great and I managed to cut my hand with the scissors in the process of doing it in this dumb way. I am now trying to stitch around the outside in hopes of improving them but this quick project is taking longer than I wanted it to and not looking like I want it too, Grrrrrr.

Victoria and I had been planning to make Gingerbread cookies for her class Christmas party treat for months. I found a good recipe the other day and we managed to get all the ingredients ready. The party is today. I looked at the recipe yesterday afternoon only to find out that it has to be chilled for at least 4 hours. Ive never made gingerbread before. There goes Victoria's chance to help make them that she was all excited about. I was trying to get the mixture made before she got home so she might get a chance to help. I was babysitting Lily at the same time. I got distracted and ended up putting in to much butter than I was suppose to and realized this when the mixture was way to sticky. GRRRRRRR! I had to throw the whole lot away and Joe went and got some more ingredients because I was out of some stuff. Well it was impossible to get the mixture done with Lilly there and they were late picking her up so the dough didnt get in the fridge until 6pm. So 10pm I am making gingerbread cookies. The first batch came out great. Things were looking good but then it went down hill. Every batch I cooked just kept getting more and more burnt and I couldnt figure out why. I was trying different things and it wasnt working. So out of the 78 gingerbread cookies I made only 32 were actually edible and able to take to school. The rest had to be thrown away. Its enough to make you cry isnt it. I apologized to Victoria and felt so bad when she left for school today with her meager amount of treats to share. There's not much I can do about it now.

Now today we have to go out in the craziness and finish up our shopping for the Christmas Eve dinner and get a few more presents all before the girls get home from school. After that its super crunch time to get the house cleaned before tomorrow. All my attempts to get ahead of the game in cleaning this week were thwarted by a baby named Lilly and her need to be held or fed all the time. Its lucky she's so cute hehe. Im sure we will get it done. Joe is on holidays, Victoria loves to help, Megan is capable and she has her friend John coming over today and I may have to put him in charge of some cleaning too hehe.

I apologize to anyone who came to read my Favourite Etsy Shop Feature last week. I had an interview all set up, sent the questions out and never heard back from the person despite messages sent. I am assuming the holidays got them busy. I wont be having a feature this Friday because I just figured it would be to much for someone to do this close to Christmas. I will try to have something else for that day. Oh my gosh that will be Christmas Day. I cant believe its so close.

Well I have some presents to attempt to finish and we are off shopping in about an hour. It should be interesting.

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