Friday, September 21, 2007

Its Spiderman And A Finished Project!

I finally got Victoria to try on her Spiderman costume today. She looks so funny and is very impressed with her muscles hehe. I dont know how long she will wear the mask on Halloween just because its covering her face but at least I have these photos to show her in her full outfit. In the first shot she is shooting her web just like Spiderman.

Here she is with her mask off with all those rippling musles hehe.

I had to include this photo of Victoria reading to Ringo the other day. He sat there for about 10 minutes while she read to him. I dont know if it was the riveting story or the fact that she was sitting right in the sunny spot that kept him there for so long.

Here are the other fingerless mittens that I made for Megan's birthday. I hope they all fit her ok. I just started the socks tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough yarn to make a full pair.

Im going to have to post some photos of Megan because Victoria seems to be hogging all the limelight these days. Its hard to believe but Megan doesnt like her photo being taken as much as she use to. Its different when her friends are around but by herself not as much.

Oh did I mention that I finished the Harry Potter book a couple of weeks ago. It was very good. I cant believe there wont be any more. I will now have to eagerly await the movies as they come out. I dont know what I will do once all the movies have come out. I guess I will know how Joe felt when the last Star Wars movie came out. I loved the chapter all about Snape when he was younger because it was full of information that answered alot of questions throughout the whole series. I also loved the final 19 years later chapter. That was just so cute and I cant wait to see that part in the final movie.

I was talking to the librarian today about making the patterns that come out the novels by Debbie Macomber and raffling them off at the library. The library and I would then split the profit from the raffle. She loved the idea. At the start of each book they have the knitting pattern that goes with the story. The first one is a baby blanket, the second one is a pair of socks and the one that I am reading right now is a prayer shawl. The librarian mentioned having them done before Christmas because people would be thinking about Christmas presents at that time. I said that sounded like a good idea and I would see what I could do. Hmm I have some planning to do.

Monday, September 17, 2007

She's A Big Girl Now!

Victoria had her very first day of Preschool today. She was very excited. She only goes for about 3 hours in the afternoon but she cant get enough of it. She told me all about it when she got off the school bus. Yep she rode the bus to and from school all by herself. Luckily they pick her up right outside our house and drop her off outside our house too, which is going to be very good in the winter time. I think she was surprised at how much fun and how much playing she got to do. We went shopping on the weekend and got her a few new outfits. She got this dress and some mary jane shoes for the first day. She doesnt usually wear dresses but loves the twirliness of this one. She doesnt want to take the shoes off which Im surprised because I thought she was a sneaker girl. They remind me of school shoes we had to wear and groaned about. Oh if your wondering why Victoria has a strange look on her face in this photo, its because apparently you have to say 'Cheese Pizza' when someone takes your photo these days. School photos are next week, can you imagine what they are going to look like hehehe.

Here she is with her Spiderman backpack on because SHE IS SPIDERMAN. She cant wait to go back to school which she will have to wait until Thursday. They start going just about every day starting next week. I think we have another school junkie on our hands.

Here are the fingerless mittens all done that I made for myself. I have worn them about three times now. They keep your hands really warm and you can still do things while wearing them. Very excellent.

These are the fingerless mittens that I made for Megan. I like hers better than mine. They are so soft and the colour is great. Its still a secret until her birthday. On the weekend I bought some Caron Simply Soft in Charcoal Heather to make the other fingerless mittens for Megan. I tried the orangey coloured yarn and its too thin for the pattern so I had to find an alternative. I think this colour will go with more outfits. I am hoping to get them started tonight. Only 12 days until Megan's birthday and I still have to knit her some socks. I found a pattern for some sockettes that I could make out of the orangey pink yarn that was too thin for the other project. For some strange reason the pattern doesnt give you a gauge so Im hoping it will still work.

I met a lady who volunteers at the library last week and she is having a baby boy at any time. I have spoken to her a couple of times before but not as much as the other day. She seemed so nice that I thought I would knit her a little gift for her soon to be arriving little boy. It was just a quick little project over the weekend but I hope she likes it. I dropped it off at the library earlier today for the librarian to give to her.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Excellent Knitting Surprise

I decided to pop into the local yarn shop on Saturday where two of my monkeys have been for a while for sale. I was going there to find some yarn to make some special presents for Megan's upcoming 13th birthday. Just before we went in Joe asked me if I had heard if any monkeys had been sold and I hadnt heard anything. As soon as we walked in the lady who owns the shop said Im so glad your here because I sold one of your monkeys last week. Yay for me! She said she gives store credit for things that she sells in her shop so I had $35 to spend at a swanky yarn shop. Double yay for me! I took a photo of the things that I got. I bought the brown merino yarn because Im making Megan some cable fingerless mittens for a present. Its so super soft and I scammed her into picking the colour that she likes without knowing its for her. In the photo you can see that I have already made the left one. I love this yarn. Even though its just over $7 a ball, you get alot of yardage and it feels so good on your skin. I would love to buy enough to make a cardigan and the colours it comes in are wonderful. I also got the pink and orange yarn for a second pair of fingerless mittens for Megan but in a different style. She saw a pair in the yarn shop that she loved and I just happen to know where the pattern comes from so she is getting two pairs. I am going to have to go back and buy more of the brown yarn because Megan keeps telling me that she wants me to make her some socks out of the brown and she doesnt know that I am using it for something else. I got the kelly green yarn that is to the left of the orange yarn because its debbie bliss and very soft. I had heard great things about Debbie Bliss yarn and wanted to own some. She only had 3 balls of it left because she's not going to carry it anymore and I thought this was a good chance to get some. Finally I got the bamboo handles for some future bag that I may make that would look good with these handles. I have been forming an idea in my head of how it would look but Im just not sure yet. I got those four things and I still have nearly $5 left to spend the next time I go there. I think that works out nicely.

The other two balls of yarn I got at the local craft shop. The pink yarn is the exact yarn that I needed to finish my pink and brown socks. I was very excited to find that and went home that night and finished them off. I am wearing them right now actually hehe. The other yarn was on sale and it really interested me. It is different shades of green with an underlying metallic sheen in certain spots. I wasnt sure what I was going to do with it but I liked the colour and the price was right. I decided to make myself a pair of the same cabled fingerless mittens that I am making for Megan. You can see that I have made the left one already in that pair. Its interesting to see how different the same pattern turns out just by using a different yarn. I have to say that I like how Megan's ones are turning out a little better than mine.

I finally finished sewing up Olivia's Kimono Cardigan last week. I have been dying to post the photos but got too busy to do so, so here they are. A shot of the front and the back. It turned out better than I kept thinking it would but I guess the real test will be when she puts it on. The real trick will be getting it posted as I am the worlds worst mailer.

Today we had our visit from Victoria's new preschool teacher. She seems really nice and I think it made it real for Victoria that she is actually going to school. She was very excited today. Her teacher is young. This is her first year of having her own preschool class. Previously she had been a student teacher or helping with preschool programs. I feel so bad for the girl being thrown Victoria on her first year. It will be interesting to see if she is still enthuastic and full of patience as she says she is now hehehehe. I wish her all the luck in the world. Tomorrow Victoria is going for her physical which sucks because she has to get some immunization needles which she will not be happy about. I hate when they get needles because they cry big tears and look at you like why are you letting them hurt me like this, what did I do. But its a necessary thing and if she wants to go to school it has to be done. Afterwards my friend Natalie and I are going to Starbucks, this will be her first time, and I am going to get Victoria a Ginormous rice crispie treat to cheer her up. Friday will be more fun because Victoria will get to visit her classroom again with her new class and take a ride around the block on the bus to find out what its going to be like.

OH this is something exciting! Now it may not seem exciting but people who know me will understand. About 2 weeks ago I finally started painting the kitchen cupboards. Yay for me hehe! I have been putting it off for a very long time and our kitchen has looked crappy because we havent had cupboard doors in ages. I wish I started a couple of months ago because painting time is growing shorter and I still have so far to go. All I have done is prime the doors and finished painting the one side. There are 17 cupboard doors so there is alot. I am trying to think of each step done as an achievement and not thinking of all the extra stuff I still need to do because I become overwhelmed. Once I move onto the 8 drawers that need to be done I will feel more accomplished. I have been trying to paint Megan's trim in her room at the same time. So much painting and so little time. Perhaps when Victoria starts going to school in the afternoon I can get more done. Yeah that sounds like a good plan.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Just Felt Like Blogging Update

We went shopping on Saturday and I couldnt find the matching yarn to finish off my pink and brown socks. I cant believe it. I am hoping that they may have it in the craft store which I didnt check. They do have the colour on their website so if worse comes to worse I can order it. I really want to finish my socks and wear them but I guess that is going to be longer than I thought.

I got some new pins just for knitting. The ones I usually use are the small sewing pins with just the metal end. Its hard to see when you are pinning knitted stuff. I found some perfect ones. They have pretty metallic balls on the ends and they are twice the length of normal pins so you dont have to use so many. I was enjoying using them while sewing up Olivia's Kimono Cardigan. I really hope it fits ok once its done. I have been picking it up, doing a bit and then putting it down again for the past couple of days. I cant just sit down and finish it because I keep thinking it doesnt look very good. I guess I wont know until she finally gets it and tries it on.

I bought some 10.5 circular needles so that I can make the cable bag that I had started before and had to undo because double pointed needles weren't cutting it. I have to do the old trick of putting them in boiling water for 10 seconds to straighten them out and then I can use them.

Yesterday we had Joe's Grandma over for a visit. I think she really enjoyed herself and I got the feeling that she gets a little lonely and was glad to sit down and have a good chat. We got some afternoon treats for the occasion. A Boston Cream Pie, an assortment of cheesecake slices and some vanilla caramel truffle tea. She was very happy about the cheesecake. I think she likes our tv and its bigness. She ended up staying for about 4 hours which is quite a long time for her. I just love her. She makes me laugh and fills the void of not having my Nanna's around anymore. I get to spoil her instead. I asked if she would like to come to the Sinclairville History Fair breakfast next weekend with us and she is going to get back to us. Should be lots of fun especially now we live so close to the centre of town. We live in a little town of less than probably 700 people. We are in the country despite the fact that my husband says that we're not hehe.

Megan is back to school on Wednesday. She cant wait to go back to school. She starts 7th grade this year which is unbelievable and even more unbelievable is, she will be 13 on the 29th of this month. She is super excited about that as she talks about it and reminds me all the time. I am hoping to make this birthday super special as its an important birthday.

Oh a sad thing today, the Valley Shack Ice Cream place closed down for the summer today. Joe has become hooked on their burgers and we love their ice cream. The burgers are super yummy. We are going to have to find an alternative until the spring time so we can all get our fix.