Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ive Been Busy Christmas Knitting

You may be wondering where Ive been lately. Ive been busy getting Christmas gifts all knitted up for christmas. Here are a some that are finished.

This black pair of fingerless mittens that have a cable pattern up the centre that you cant see were made for Victoria's bus driver. I gave them to her today. Victoria had fun helping me wrap the present. I hope she likes them.

Last week Megan found out for the end of basketball season they go to Pizza Hut and do a sock exchange. I said why dont I make a pair of socks. I can do a pair for about $2 and they will be different from everyone elses. She really liked that idea and told me to pick out yarn with lots of crazy colours in it. This is what I found. I think this is crazy coloured enough, dont you? It was fun knitting with all those colours. I think Megan wanted to keep them for herself. What she doesnt know is that I am knitting her a pair of socks in the same style but in this cool yarn colour that is called Choco Cherry. I am halfway done with one sock so far. I started them last night. I decided the girls are not getting fleece blankets made by me but socks instead. The reason for this was because Megan found a fleece blanket she really liked while shopping so I scrapped the blanket idea. We went to buy the blanket last weekend only to discover they had sold out. Hmmm back to the drawing board on that one.

The next three photos are of the scarf that I knitted for Victoria's teacher. I love the colours in this yarn. I want to keep it for myself or get more of this colour if I can find it again.

Tonight I am finishing off embellishing the green felted tote bag that is also for Victoria's teacher. I cut out an M from a red felted jumper that I am using for a bag. I appliqued it onto the bag and I just have to put red buttons at the points where the handles meet the bag. I will take a photo of it tomorrow before I wrap it up. I am off to help out for the afternoon at Victoria's class. It should be interesting. The girls and I made cookies to take for the kids as a snack. Peanut Butter cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies. The Chocolate Chip Cookies came out a bit of a disaster but I think I saved the day a bit. I have no idea why but the bottoms burnt on every one of them even though we followed the directions. While they were still soft I got a knife and cut off the tops of them and threw away the burnt part. Not so pretty looking but at least edible.

To finish off my Christmas knitting I have to finish Megan's socks, make Victoria's socks, finish Lindsey's very soft blue scarf and cut and sew a felted bag. Hmm I think thats all I can think of. I also have to get the house all clean and sparkling for the big family Christmas Eve dinner at our house, make the butterscotch popcorn for the people I am giving it to as a gift and make tons of cookies to try and make up for the lack of cookies that arent here this year because Joe's mum isnt here to feed the cookie monsters hehe. Im sure it will all get done in time if I do it all just right. I am holding off on the cleaning until the weekend because if I do it too early it wont look like I did anything and I will have to do it all over again hehe.

I hope everyone else is having fun with their Christmas preparations. This Friday we are hoping to finish up our Christmas shopping. The girls are so easy to shop for. Our only issue is what to pick out of all the things that they would like. Im sure that whatever they get they will love. Im going to try and get at least one more post in before Christmas with finished projects.

Oh yeah we got a package from my sister today with wrapped Christmas presents in it. It was very hard to put them under the tree and have to wait until Christmas day to unwrap them. My Mums package should be here soon and we will have to do the same thing. It will be worth the wait though. Its so much more meaningful to open them up on the day. Its kind of like they are here when we wait for Christmas Day. They would kick our butts if we opened them early anyway hehehe.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Can You Believe it? Its A Post With Pictures!

I sent the hat and bootie set to the customer today and managed to remember to take a photo of it to post on here. Hopefully this is what they had in mind. I was told they wanted it pink and lavender coloured. I wasnt sure if it meant the colours mixed together like this or solid colours put together. I just thought doing it this way would make it have pink and lavender all over and it would look pretty.

These are the black mittens that I made for Joe's Grandma. She hasnt picked them up yet so I dont know if she likes them. It is very hard to photograph black things and see the detail so I apologize for the bad shot hehe.

Now that I have those orders out of the way I can concentrate on the knitting gifts I want to work on. I am half way through knitting the funky fluffy scarf for Victoria's teacher. I like how the colours look. I think I will have to make one for myself hehe. The yarn only cost $2 in total so I think its a bargain. Tomorrow we are finally going to start our Christmas shopping. We dont usually start this late but Joe has been working hours and hours of overtime to have money for bills and presents. Hopefully next week he will be able to slow down a bit because the boy is pooped. It will be nice to feel like we are getting somewhere with present buying. Last year we decided that it would be a good idea to buy the girls presents first and then do everyone after, that way we knew that the most important people on the list definitely had their Christmas wishes fulfilled. It seemed to work really well so we are going to do it this year. They have really easy wish lists this year. Nothing that is really expensive or hard to find. Megan did put down a Nintendo Wii but we already told her that they are hard to find this Christmas and if she got that then she couldnt get anything else. She doesnt care if she gets one for Christmas or not because she knows that eventually we are getting one. All Victoria cares about is if she gets Hungry Hungry Hippos or not hehehe.

Yesterday I started making all the calls inviting all the family to our house for Christmas Eve. So far everyone I asked has said yes. I was very surprised. I still have a few more people to call and then we just have to find out what dish they are bringing. It feels kind of organized. Its a strange feeling hehe.

Well I better get going. Lots of stuff to do and not much time tonight left to do it in.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yeah I Know, Ive Been Slack

A thousand times I have thought to write on her and havent. Perhaps its all this chilly weather we have been having that makes me want to curl up in a snuggly blanket and not do much. We keep getting weather advisories for bad weather coming but it never gets as bad as they say. One day they will get it right.

Let's see what have I been up to. I think the last time I wrote on her it was close to Thanksgiving. What can you say about Thanksgiving. The food was yummy. I can say that. Joe's dad was very erratic in his moods. One minute he was being all sweet and nice and the next minute he was screaming at children. When we ate dinner he turned the tv off and wouldnt allow any music so we were all sitting there in silence. It was really weird. You could just hear everyones cutlery and chewing. Lindsay, James, Joe and I were trying not to laugh at the end of our table. This was the first Thanksgiving without Joe's mum around so a big difference this year was that before we had even left he was putting on his shoes and getting ready to go visit his girlfriend or one of his girlfriends. We took the hint and went home. We are definitely going to have the family over to our house for Christmas. We dont want to go through that again. Oh one thing was good. I made some of my mums butterscotch popcorn to bring over and everyone loves it. They couldnt get enough. James said I can give him a bucket of that for Christmas and he would be happy.

Knitting wise I have been working on a couple of orders that I got. Yesterday I finished up the mittens for Joe's Grandma. I hope she really likes them. Its pretty chilly so I think she will be over to pick them up pretty soon hehe. I also got an order from the knitted things that I have on Louella's Goodies website. Its just for a baby hat and matching booties but its still an order. The booties are made and Im almost done with the hat. The hat is taking me longer than usual because I am using teeny tiny size 2 double pointed needles to knit them. Once those are done I have Christmas present knitting to do and try to get a bear made for the yarn shop. I am making Victoria's teacher a scarf and giving her the first felted tote I made. Im thinking about putting an apple on it but I dont know if thats too cliche. She is kind of young. Maybe I will put an M on it because her first name starts with an M. I want to knit Victoria's bus driver some fingerless mittens so she can keep her hands warm while driving in this cold weather. I am thinking as well as the fleece blankets that I am making the girls, I am going to make them some socks. Victoria just loves her pink socks that I knit her and I think Megan would love another pair to wear to bed. I was also thinking of making Lindsay a scarf in the extremely soft light blue yarn that Walmart is trying to get rid of. If they have 2 balls of it left in that colour when we go shopping then Im going to make it for her. That girl is always cold. One day I would like to make her a big fuzzy blanket because she needs one hehe.

We are almost done with our Christmas decorating. For those of you who dont know, my husband is Christmas Crazy!! We call him Christmas Elf Joe. He has more Christmas CDs than anyone I have ever known and when we decorate we dont just put up a tree. Its an all out effort but it looks pretty in the end. There are lights all around the celing, things on the walls and shelves and since we moved to our new house, lights outside as well. I will have to take pictures once the extravaganza is completed. Every year Joe and I take turns on picking the lights and tinsel that go on the tree and the lights around the room. This year was my turn. I chose to have clear lights and very sparkly gold tinsel on the tree, multi coloured lights with sparkly white tinsel around the loungeroom and the red/green lights with silver tinsel in the dining room. Its all very shiny. Christmas is always fun with Joe around. He makes you want to be in the Christmas spirit.

Well I guess I better get going. I have some aprons I am suppose to be cutting out right now for the Girl Scout Troop. I promise the next post will have pictures and be written within this week.
I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas craziness like we are.