Monday, March 25, 2013

Its Spring?

 There is a bit of Spring in my kitchen right now. Some lovely red Tulips that are waiting to be planted outside.

But this is what it looks like right now, so the Tulips and our dreams of starting our garden will have to wait. Oh how I wish this view was filled with sunshine, green grass and pretty flowers.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fancy Socks Galore

I recently got an order on Knitted For Ewe for some custom made socks. The customer picked the pattern and sent me yarn from their stash and I got set to work. I had never really made socks with this much detail but checked out the patterns and had confidence that I could do them. These socks were so much fun to make. They were challenging, kept my mind ticking and made me so proud to see the end result. I learned new techniques such as chart reading and knitting a cable pattern into the heel. I am so proud of the results I thought I would share them here. The socks in the first picture are called Cadence and you can find them for free on I love shade of blue the customer picked for these. These socks are my kind of pattern. They look really technical and difficult but are actually really easy. The pattern was so easy to follow.

These next socks are called Marilinda. This pattern was designed by Cookie A. It can be purchased via Ravelry. This was another pattern that looks really difficult but turned out to be pretty easy. These socks have the cable going all the way down into the heel. Very pretty and surprisingly simple to do. 

These last pair socks were my challenging pair. The pattern is called Lohengrin and was designed for free by Caoua Coffee. You can also this pattern on Ravelry. This is quite the cable pattern where every line is different and you are switching around one stitch at a time, knitting into the back of the stitch and remembering which cable stitch is which symbol. I feel very accomplished and proud that I made it through these. They took alot of concentration and look really cool once you finish them. 

I feel ready for any sock pattern that I attempt and know that I just have to take my time and I will figure things out and if I ever get stuck there are some wonderful knitters on Ravelry who will help you through anything you are stuck on.