Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some Projects That Need Finishing

At the moment I am working on some pillows for my new house. Im kind of sick of the ones that are on our lounge and I found this Red Heart yarn that matches perfectly with it. I started using a pattern from a book but discovered that I hated knitting the pattern so I delved into my knitting stitches book and found this cable. I loved how it can be worked as and all over pattern and the texture feels really cool. I love how its turning out. The pattern is really easy. My only issue with it is because Im a tight knitter, when I get to the row where you actually cable it gets really tight and awkward but luckily its only one row of the pattern so I can handle it. I am halfway on one side of the pillow. I started on Sunday so I guess its coming along pretty quickly especially seeing how I was finishing the kitty at the beginning of the week at the same time. In total I will be making 4 pillows so I still have a way to go. The exciting part will be seaming the two pieces together and seeing how they look. I will keep you posted on how its all going.

Now this project is an unfinished project because its a felted bag that is in desperate need of some handles. I am in the process of getting some though. I went back and forth on the right sort of handles for this bag. I wasnt sure if I wanted to make I-cord handles or use wooden handles. I finally decided on wooden handles with a wooden toggle for closure. I went to the yarn shop to order them because they are nowhere to be found anywhere else. Once I looked in the catalogue I realized that wooden handles are not going to work for this bag. Its actually pretty big. More like a big tote than a handbag so the handles need to be pretty wide. Wooden handles dont come as wide as what I need so it was suggested that I try leather handles. This is actually a good solution because this way I will be able to make them as wide as I want to and they come in really lengthy sizes. So now we are working on ordering leather handles. I am thinking the wooden toggle wont look as good with leather handles so I have found a leather button that I am planning to use instead. Once I have got all that stuff then it will be a final finished bag. This is very good because I have people waiting to see a bunch of my bags and figure out which one they want to buy. Yay! Im loving felted bags and designing them however I want. Its so much fun. Once I have the handles on I will definitely take some photos and post them.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Monkey And A Kitty

Well I have been a slack blogger havent I hehe. I have been doing alot of knitting lately so thats a good thing.
I managed to finish my two monkeys and they are now sitting at the yarn store hopefully using their charms to entice people to buy them. I spoke the owner last week and she said that everyone just adores them so fingers crossed its a good sign.
Here is a picture of the pink fluffy one that I made.

I just finished another order yesterday and Im delivering it tomorrow. This is a kitty that I designed myself. I have previously made a girl kitty who is in the next picture and she has a shawl. This was suppose to be for a boy baby so I couldnt very well give him a shawl could I so I made him a tie. Very refined I think hehe. I hope they like him and it will be nice to make some money.

Here are the couple together. The pink one is suppose to be for my niece but I am the worst aunt in the world and havent sent it to her yet. The girl one is named Mrs Priscilla Twinkletoes so we had to give the boy a name too. I decided his name is Mr Peter Twinkletoes. Arent they cute together?

So they are my finished projects for the moment. Tomorrow I think I will write about some projects that I am working on at the moment with pictures to show where Im up to in the process. Some very cool cable pillows for my new house are being constructed and plans for a couple of felted bags so stay tuned.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Monkey For All To See

I am currently making some monkeys to take to a nearby yarn shop that also sells local knitters work. I have been meaning to make these monkeys for a couple of months but only now just getting them done. One is fluffy and one is not. The fluffy one needs a tail and some ears which hopefully will be done tonight.

My daughter and I have decided that this little guys name is Latte because he looks like a cappucino. He makes me feel like some coffee just looking at him.

I should say if anyone is interested in buying any of my knitted stuff that they see on my blog dont hesitate to send me a comment and I will get in touch with you. I love doing custom stuff if you want something in a different colour or slightly different just let me know.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Im A Blogger Virgin

This is my first time having a blog. I cant believe Im being brave enough to start one of these. It feels like such a commitment hehe.

I am a knitter and have seen many cool knitting blogs out there and it has inspired me to create my own. I would love to post what projects Im doing and put pictures of cool stuff on my blog just like I have seen on others. I have this new and fancy digital camera and this would be a perfect way to get to play with it.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Nicole. I am 30 years old, married to my wonderful husband Joe and have two wonderful daughters, Megan who is 12 and Victoria who is 3. I live in New York state but I come from Sydney Australia. Yes Im a long way from home.
I am a stay at home mum who has finally figured out what my passion is. It has taken me 30 years to figure it out but I guess some people never even discover it. My passion is knitting. I have been knitting off and on since I was about 7 years old. I was taught by my mother. Knitting throughout my life has left me every now and then but something has always pulled me back to it. Now I am trying to find a way to make my passion into something that can give me some extra money. I have trouble thinking really big right now so extra money is the goal for now.

I love to design my own stuff so its completely original and completely all me. My
obsession right now is felted bags and knitted toys so you may see alot of those on my blog in the near future. I am hoping to get some stuff together to sell on, locally or even on a more broader bigger scale. Etsy is the first goal though.

I guess I have prattled on enough for my first post and will leave it at that. Im keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to create a cool blog that people will want to read and enjoy.
Thanks anyone who checks out my thoughts.