Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some Projects That Need Finishing

At the moment I am working on some pillows for my new house. Im kind of sick of the ones that are on our lounge and I found this Red Heart yarn that matches perfectly with it. I started using a pattern from a book but discovered that I hated knitting the pattern so I delved into my knitting stitches book and found this cable. I loved how it can be worked as and all over pattern and the texture feels really cool. I love how its turning out. The pattern is really easy. My only issue with it is because Im a tight knitter, when I get to the row where you actually cable it gets really tight and awkward but luckily its only one row of the pattern so I can handle it. I am halfway on one side of the pillow. I started on Sunday so I guess its coming along pretty quickly especially seeing how I was finishing the kitty at the beginning of the week at the same time. In total I will be making 4 pillows so I still have a way to go. The exciting part will be seaming the two pieces together and seeing how they look. I will keep you posted on how its all going.

Now this project is an unfinished project because its a felted bag that is in desperate need of some handles. I am in the process of getting some though. I went back and forth on the right sort of handles for this bag. I wasnt sure if I wanted to make I-cord handles or use wooden handles. I finally decided on wooden handles with a wooden toggle for closure. I went to the yarn shop to order them because they are nowhere to be found anywhere else. Once I looked in the catalogue I realized that wooden handles are not going to work for this bag. Its actually pretty big. More like a big tote than a handbag so the handles need to be pretty wide. Wooden handles dont come as wide as what I need so it was suggested that I try leather handles. This is actually a good solution because this way I will be able to make them as wide as I want to and they come in really lengthy sizes. So now we are working on ordering leather handles. I am thinking the wooden toggle wont look as good with leather handles so I have found a leather button that I am planning to use instead. Once I have got all that stuff then it will be a final finished bag. This is very good because I have people waiting to see a bunch of my bags and figure out which one they want to buy. Yay! Im loving felted bags and designing them however I want. Its so much fun. Once I have the handles on I will definitely take some photos and post them.

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