Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some Work In Progress

I just thought I would post the blanket that I am chopping up for Victoria's bed. The top two photos are of the main blanket part. The photo with lots of flowers and butterflies is going to be the bed ruffle. I just started cutting the ruffle today and realized that the material is pretty see through and you wont be able to see the prettiness. I am going to have to buy some white cotton to go behind it so you can see the images better. So until we go shopping on Saturday I will just have to cut everything out ready for sewing. The main blanket will have to be cut down to size as well. I will have to go hunting for the perfect back material. Something soft but not to hot because its going to be a summertime blanket. Victoria was horrified when she saw me cutting up the material today. I told her she just has to trust me that it will work out in the end hehe.

Here is the Red Poppy Bag that has not been touched in a few weeks. A second poppy needs to be embroidered, a button put on and some pockets for the inside. I also have to play around with the handle a bit. Actually now looking at it, this first photo is showing up a little darker than I thought it would so if your having trouble seeing it I apologize. When its all done the photo will be much better I promise hehe.

On an exciting note, I sold another bag this week. My sister's friend wants the pink and brown messenger bag. Now I have to go and get the material to line it. Great incentive to finish it off hehe. Then all I need to do is to figure out postage. How exciting!

I am working on my secret present for my online friend. I still cant reveal what it is yet but I am close to finishing. Once she has received it I will reveal what the surprise is.

I was just thinking I should make a list of future projects that I want to make. I usually just keep the list all in my head but it would be so much easier to get it out of my head and onto a visual list. I think I would be surprised how many to do projects I actually have inside my head hehe. Hmm this is something I will have to do when the children are sleeping and I can finish a thought.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Finished Projects For This Week

Well I have been dying to post pictures of what I finished this week since Friday night and today I have the chance. I always have trouble taking photos to get the right lighting.

The first photos you see are of the pink bunny pyjama bag that was made for a relatives 1st birthday. She loved it and gave it a big squeezy hug and kiss when it was opened. All the work to get it done this week was worth it when she did that. Her mum thought it was great too.

Here is the blue bag that I got finished on Thursday night to have ready for showing to some friends who were interested in buying a bag. This one was liked by all. One lady likes it and is going to get back to me but said if I sold it before then then that was ok. She is going to buy Sagey Goodness Tote. Yay! A bag sale how exciting. She is paying me next week. Megan will be so excited to get at least some colour on her bedroom walls as I promised her I would buy either the pink or orange for her bedroom if I sold a bag this week. This bag is made from an unravelled sweater. I wasnt sure if it would felt at all because its not just wool, its angora as well which actually makes it pretty soft. It has a kind of tweedy look to it but I dont think you can really see the little flecks in the photo. I wanted to get it finished this week and didnt get a chance to go shopping last weekend. I needed handles badly so off to the second hand shop I went. I bought this black and brown bag and clipped the threads attaching these handles and resewed them to my bag. I think it looks really good but it killed my fingers to hand sew through the tough handles and the bag. I got through it one stitch at a time hehe. I was pleased with the outcome so it was worth it in the end.

This bag is just a little shoulder bag that you can take along with you when you only need to take a few things. Its made from the left over sagey goodness yarn. I still have a little more of that stuff if you can believe it. I will have to think of something small to make to use it up.

Hmm now that I have all those things finished what is on the agenda for this week. I think this week I need to do a little sewing. I am making a new blanket and bed ruffle for Victoria. I cant finish it this week but I can get it started. She wants a pink and purple room with butterflies and flowers. We found this beautiful white queen sized bedspread that has all these pretty butterflies dotted on the main part and butterflies and flowers on the ruffle. We got it for $2. I am taking it apart and cutting the main part to size, buying some nice soft material to line the back and turning the ruffle into the bed ruffle. If I have confused you I apologize. I will take picture so you can see what I am talking about hehe.

Knitting wise, I should start on another cable pillow for the lounge because the one odd one is looking a little silly hehe. I also have been thinking about making a surprise gift for my online knitting friend. I wont reveal what it will be just yet just in case she checks into this blog and finds out the surprise too early. Hmm Im not sure what else to do. Ahhh yes I do. I just remembered THE POPPY BAG. Will this ever get finished. I want to finish it. I really do. We shall see where inspiration takes me this week hehe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What I Want To Achieve This Week

This week I have a bunch of projects to get done. My husbands cousin has the cutest little girl who just turned one this week. Her party is on Sunday and I have been giving her knitted gifts since she was born so I had to make her something for such an occasion. She is definitely a pink girl so I am making her a bunny pyjama bag like the previous one but this one is going to be in reverse colours. I am hoping that a dusty rose bunny with cream face and inner ears will look good. If possible we could pick her up a pair of pyjamas to put inside it. I am about halfway with the main body. Once you get over that hump it the rest knits up pretty quickly. I should have it done soon.

Im hoping its done by then because I told some ladies that I would be bringing some bags in for them to see on Friday at Story Hour at the library. I want to have as many done as possible so there is choice. I need some more time to get those done so the bunny bag has to be done pronto. I just finished a blue bag that is turning out perfectly. The dreaded handle problem has presented itself again. We didnt get to go shopping last weekend which is when I was going to pick up some handles to match this blue bag. Im thinking a quick trip up the road at the second hand shop is in order to maybe find something that I can use. Fingers crossed because I think this bag would sell. Its a good size and holds it shape really well. In fact I was telling my sister that I need to figure out a basic pattern that I can switch up and decorate and then I will be good. I think this could be it. The bottom of the bag sits really nicely. Once this bag has handles I will take a photo and post it.

I did have a dilemma on Sunday. I felted the blue bag and this little green bag made out of the sagey goodness. I wanted to stretch the handle out so it was as long as I wanted on the green bag. I pulled one pull to far and broke some of the threads. Now I have to figure out a way to get it back together without ruining it. Lesson learned on that one hehe.. Once I figure that out then it needs a button for closure and some shaving to get the extra fuzz off and it will be ready for Fridays presenting.

Keep your fingers crossed that at least a couple of bags sell because I want to use some of the money to buy some paint to paint my older daughter Megan's room. She will be very happy about that. I might use some of the money to buy some actual new wool for my next bag instead of unravelled wool hehe.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some More Finished Projects

My big cream tote now has handles on it. FINALLY!! I think they came out pretty good. At least this way I was able to make them the length and distance apart that I wanted. I think this bag would be good for carrying craft projects, lots of books if you go to school or perhaps a travel bag because its pretty big. Laying flat it measures 20 inches across and 15 inches down.

Here is a shot of the wooden toggle closure that I put in. You can't really see the little groove details on either end in this shot.

Here is pillow number 1 of the 4 pillows that I am making for our lounge. I like how it turned out. I was a bit concerned on how the sewing up would go but it seamed up really nicely. I think I have to get cracking on the rest because Victoria really likes this one and keeps claiming it as her own. This pillow is 16 x 16. Im not sure if I should have done it 18 x 18 but considering the pillows we use now are usually considered in the way when people are over this smaller size might be better in the end.

This is just a couple of Ipod cosies I made this week for Megan's friend as a late birthday present. Megan wanted to keep them for herself but I said no. She can have some any time. I think she would really love one in orange. I have at least 2 more to make because Megan's best friend Brittany is begging me for some turquoise and lime green ones even promising payment hehe.

Well that is all I have finished this week. I guess it can pay off to have lots of projects going at once because when you finish them off it looks like you've done alot all at once.

Today I started on a little matching purse in leftover sagey goodness yarn. Its all knitted up I just have to seam it and felt it. That was really a quick knit. Once its all dried I just have to add a button. At some point I will have to tackle the red poppy bag. I just have to jump in and finish that embroidery. Once I get over that hump the rest will be fairly easy.

For the handles of the cream tote I used a ball of cream Lion Brand Wool. This was the first time felting with something I havent unravelled. I was amazed at how quickly and how well it felted. Just 2 times in the wash and it was ready. Now usually I am having to do 5 or 6 runs in the wash before I get it the way I like it. It was very nice.

I am dying to buy some Wool Of The Andes yarn from KnitPicks. Its cheap and suppose to felt really well. They have really nice colours. One of these days I will get some. It didnt help that my KnitPicks catalogue came in this week just teasing me.

Well thats all from me now. I will write more when there is more to report. I hope you enjoyed my finished projects.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yay Some Finished Projects To Show Off!

This first picture is the Ipod cover I made for my daughter Megan. She uses it all the time. It took me about an hour to make from start to finish. I think I will have to make more of them. It was lots of fun.

This is Sagey Goodness. Its all done and ready to be sold. People keep telling me they think its wonderful so thats a good sign. I like how it came out. Its a good tote bag that would fits lots of stuff in it.

This is a close up of the details on this bag. You can see the wooden beads and wooden button better in this shot.

Now this turned out really cute. It is a bunny pyjama bag that I made for Victoria. She just loves bunnies and never really knows where to put her pyjamas so I thought she would have fun putting them inside this little guy. She just loves him or her or whichever one it is hehe. I think I will end up making more of these. Megan wants one for her pyjamas now but she wants a different animal. I will have to see if I can modify it to be a different creature. I dont think it will be too hard to do.

This is a close up of the little guys face. This is what makes it so cute. He is a very sleepy bunny hehe. I just love his floppy ears.

This is the under side of the pyjama bag. This is where it all happens. You open up his tummy and in go the jammies.

I did also manage to finish the purple and white sparkly monkey for my niece Stacy. It was finished about 15 minutes before her party started so that cut it kind of close. I didnt get a chance to take a photo of it because my batteries were dead on my camera this weekend. I will try to get a shot of it sometime when we are over their house. He turned out pretty cute. I loved the purple button eyes that he has.

I hope you enjoyed my finished project update. I am now working on finished the last couple of inches of the cable pillow and making the long awaited handles for the big cream tote. These should be done fairly soon so keep an eye out.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Knitting That I Have Been Up To Lately

Lets see what have I been up to lately.....
I finished my Sagey Goodness bag the other day. I havent taken a picture of it yet because I dont know if I need to fiddle around with it some more. I put some beads on it and dont know if I should muck around with them some more. I showed some people that I know the bag today and they just loved it so maybe I will just leave it the way it is.

A couple of weeks ago I made an Ipod cover for my daughters Ipod because she is always worried about the screen getting scratched. It is a very good stash busting project and I think I will be making more of them. She picked a very soft fluffy lime green yarn I had left over from a poncho order. I had just enough to make the cover and then she picked out a bright blue button to close it up. I even left a little hole at the bottom for the headphone jack. It came out pretty good. I will have to get a shot of that.

I am currently working on a bunny pyjama bag for my daughter Victoria who is 3. She loves bunnies and I think she would love to have a bunny to put her pyjamas in. I do need to pick up some pink for the inside of the ears in the same sort of yarn I am using. I am rethinking the yarn I am using. I love how boucle yarn feels but its terrible to knit with when you want a tight knit. Every time I use it I remember how much I dont like it. It is a Bernat Boucle yarn and is very very soft. Its cream coloured and very bunny like. I just realized while knitting it that Lion Brand Jiffy would have been even better. Perhaps I will make it again using that just to see how it turns out. Jiffy is really cheap. Its kind of chunky with some fuzz to it so perfect for a bunny style. They carry lots of cute colours so I am thinking this will be tried. This bunny might not be so bad once its all finished. I have done the main part and now working on the head.

I may have to put down the bunny for a little bit because I just realized that its my nieces birthday this weekend and we dont have anything to give her. We usually forget her birthday so I am thinking this time we should at least give her something. I thought I might whip up a monkey. I think she likes the colour purple because I see her wearing it whenever we see her. I have some fleece so I might make her a little pillow she can tote around to sleepovers and stuff. We will have to see. She might not even like this stuff because she is the type to like bought things but you never know and they cant say we didnt get her anything when we go to her party. I will have to look in my stash to see what I have for monkeys.

Its very sad but I only have about 2 inches on my first cable pillow and I just havent sat down and did it. I even bought a pillow insert to put in it on the weekend. Perhaps there is that fear that it will be crappy when its all put together. I am sure next week I will just jump in and finish the first of four off.

Oh yeah went to charity shop up the road and found no handles to use for my big bag. Looks like I am knitting some handles. I figured this would happen. I searched online for leather handles and the ones I really liked were $21, too rich for my blood. I did manage to get some free material that could come in handy for lining a bag I have in mind so that was good. I also noticed they had some bags of yarn that I really liked. I didnt have the $8 on me to buy the ones I liked but this could be dangerous if they have yarn for sale all the time hehe.