Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Half A Pair Of Socks

I have been knitting myself a pair of socks. I picked this yarn and colours because I like pink and brown together and I thought I would have just enough for a whole pair and use up some stash. Apparently I calculated wrong hehe. Here you can see I have one sock made and this is as far as I got on the second sock. I will have to take a bit of the pink with me when we go shopping and see if I can get more so I can finish my socks. When I tried on the finished one I didnt want to take it off because its very comfy and cozy. I looked kind of silly walking around with only one sock on though. I will just have to be patient.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the rest of the watermelon yarn and finished off Olivia's Kimono cardigan. The other day I found a spray bottle to use so I am in the process of blocking the pieces. I ran out of pins so all pieces are not being blocked at the moment. I will definitely have to buy more pins. I have my fingers crossed that it will turn out nicely in the end. It still doesnt look very interesting yet.

Tomorrow I have my knitting group meeting. This is the last meeting that I will be able to go to where Megan can babysit Victoria for me because she is back to school in about a week. I will have to try and enjoy the quiet as much as possible. My only trouble is with running out of yarn for my socks today, I havent got a project to take with me. I will have to look around tonight and figure out what I am going to work on. It feels like I have just been plowing through these projects that I am wanting to knit. My issue as always is finishing off the little details. Its always those last little things I just cant seem to get done.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Finshed Some Projects This Week

I started out making this monkey for Emily in my knitting group. Megan saw me making him and asked if this was the monkey I was making for her little brother. I completely forgot she wanted him to have a monkey. I asked her if she wanted it to be for him and she said yes. Luckily I hadnt sewn button eyes on him yet so I attempted to stitch him some eyes so it would be safe for the little one. They didnt come out to badly. I am just loving the colours that he is done in. Its Robin's Egg Blue and Aran Cream. I got out all my Red Heart yarn and started putting colours together. When I put these two together they just clicked. I will have to buy some more of that Robin's Egg blue and make lots of things in it hehe. Megan had lots of fun doing the monkeys hair. I usually start off with it having long hair and then trim it down to the right length. Megan just had to give him all sorts of funky hairstyles in true Megan form before his final trimming.

You always have to have the classic monkey butt shot. All my monkey get their butts photographed. Its become quite the tradition hehe.

I decided I couldnt just send a monkey and nothing else so I knitted a little top knot hat out of cream Unbleached Organic Cotton. So super soft. I still have some more of that stuff left but Im not sure what I could make with what I have left. I think I have to buy more of this because there is a hat pattern that I made with this that came out wonderful and I would like one for myself. Im not sure if I want cream or one of the other colours.

Here are a couple of photos that we got when he was first born. We havent seen any others yet but he sure is cute.

He definitely looks like his dad and has the barely there eyebrows just like his big sister hehehehe.

Today I just started a pair of socks for myself. They are going to be pink with the heel and toe being brown. Its the same old sock pattern that I have done two times before but its easy and I understand it hehe. I have found a few other sock patterns I would like to try but I have to write or print them out before attempting them. Megan will kill me when she finds out these socks are for me because she keeps asking me for socks for herself. She will get some I just need the right sized needles.

This week we got a package from my mum. She sent over some of her famous Butterscotch Popcorn. Oh so yummy. I cant even remember the last time I had some. It was a staple at all our birthday parties and whenever we needed a treat for our class. She has passed on the recipe to me with confidence that I will be able to make it just as well as she did. I know that Megan wants me to now make this popcorn for every single occasion she can think of. This was her first time tasting it and now she cant get enough hehe. Looking at the recipe it seems easy enough. We shall have to see how it goes. It would be great to be able to make that whenever I feel like having some and impress people with my skills hehe.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Felted Stuff As Promised

Here is the moss bag before I felted it. I actually measured it before felting but forgot to write it down thinking I would remember. I think it was 13 inches long.

Here is the moss bag after felting. Looking much better than before. It always makes me unsure that it will look any good when you see it before felting but you just have to keep the faith that when it felts up it looks completely different. Now I just have to buy some green thread to sew the ribbon on it and it will be all pretty. I think it now measures about 6 inches. Its just a cute little thing. I will post pictures of the absolute final product so you can see it all done up. I still have to shave it a little to smooth out some of the fluffiness.

This is the little mini purse that will match it. It is still drying a bit that is why there is stuff inside it to shape it. It will have the ribbon sewn on it as well and maybe a small wooden button for closure. Its just suppose to hold little things in it like lip balm and small things you dont want loose in your bag.

I made this today for an order. It is for Megan's friend Ali's MP3 player. She loves orange just like Megan so this colour is just right for her.

While making this MP3 cover I was in the mood to do some duplicate stitch and thought I would put a white A on the back for Ali to match the white button. I was able to give this to her tonight and she just loved it and thats something because Ali is really picky. It felt good that I got it just right. Megan will probably want one like this now hehe.

Now I have to think what project to work on next. There are some projects that need stuff purchased before I can finish them off so in the mean time I will have to work on something else. I was thinking the other day that I was in the mood for making a monkey. There is a girl from Megan's girl scout troop in my very small knitting group at the library. She is just learning to knit and I thought I might make her a monkey. She told me one day that her favourite colour is sea green and turquoise type colours. I think I might have similar colours that would work for that. That would be a really cute monkey. I will have to see if I have the right stuff.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've Been Finishing Some Projects

I have been meaning to get online and post a message for ages and just hadnt got around to doing it. I have been trying to finish off projects that have just been sitting around and needing to be finished. Here are a couple.

I finally sat down and added the pink buttons and pink ribbon to the baby set that I knit. Now I just have to get the address that it needs to get sent to. I think I like the little pink touches. Much nicer sometimes than an overly pink set. I hope they like it.

I finished the pink and purple hooded towel blanket. Actually thats not the whole truth, it is all finished except I havent weaved in all the ends. Once I got done knitting it, I needed to put it aside for a little bit before I could weave the ends in. I had grown so sick of the pattern that I didnt want to touch it for a while. I think next week or this weekend I will do the ends just to say its finished.

Here is the close up of the hood that is on it. I wasnt sure how it would look but once I started working in the hood it made sense and came out pretty cute.

I had some of the pink and purple yarn leftover so I made a little baby hat to go with it. It didnt take long and there was just enough leftover to make it.

I also finished knitting and felting the moss bag. I took photos but when I uploaded them on the computer tonight I realized that the felted shot looked really dark and Im going to have to retake it before I can post it. I will try to do it tomorrow. It shrank more than I imagined it would but came out really nice. I was brave and felted it without doing a tester on the yarn to see how much it would felt. I think I would like to buy some more of that yarn and make double to size and see how that looks. This one came out like a little clutch size bag. I knitted and felted a small little purse to go with it today. This stuff felts up wonderfully. Just once through in the washing machine and its all done. I wish they all felted up quickly and nicely like this. All I need to do is buy some matching moss coloured thread because I have some wonderful ribbon that matches it perfectly that I am going to sew around it just to give it some pizazz.

Hmm, what else have I been knitting. Oh yeah, I am knitting my niece a cute little kimono cardigan. Im hoping it comes out alright. I would have had it at the blocking stage today except I ran out of yarn last night. I thought I would have enough but apparently not. I got the back, left side, right side, a sleeve and a couple of inches on the second sleeve done before running out of yarn. It will have to now wait until I can get some more yarn. I have never made this pattern and Im not knitting it in the recommended yarn for the pattern so Im hoping my adjustments are correct and it comes out cute in the end. The colour is bright but I have seen her wearing this colour in photos so I think she can pull it off hehe.

I got another order for an MP3 player cover the other day so I thought I would start that. Its going to be orange. Im thinking I will make it all orange with a white button. This MP3 player is white with bits of orange on it so that could be cute.

I just found out that Lindsey, my hopefully one day sister in law is having her 21st birthday soon and I would love to knit her something. I have to find out the correct date to see how much time I have to create something. I have a pattern for a very nice cardigan that I think would suit her nicely and looks fairly easy. She loves that light turquoisey blue colour that is everywhere these days so I would love to make it in that. So many projects that want to be made hehe.

Well thats about it. I will get another shot of the felted stuff tomorrow and post them.
Oh I just have to say that I am up to nearly page 300 in the 7th Harry Potter book and loving every minute of it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Finished Project

I finished the kids cotton blue, green and white cotton blanket the other day. I was so glad to finish it. The colours were starting to drive me batty and so was the pattern. I have now started the pink, purple and white one that is half the size and has a hood on it. Its a suppose to be a hooded towel blanket for a baby. I have a small amount done because I needed to stop and work on something else to break up doing that pattern over again. So today in my knitting group at the library I took the moss bag that actually knits up quite quickly when I get a chance to work on it.

Here is a close up of a corner so you can see a little more detail. It feels soft and very touchable because of the texture. I definitely like knitting with cotton, especially in the summer. I would love to do a knitted toy in the cotton to see how it would turn out.

I took a couple of shots of Megan's pink and orange room. I took them of the semi organized sections. I am determined to finish of the rest of the pink paint on the part wall I have done in the next section of the room. We went to get more pink and they didnt have the white in stock they need to mix it with so the other half of the room will have to wait a little longer. We did get the white for the trim so I could start working on that. I just have to get motivated again. I just really want to get it finished so I can get Victoria's room started. I am hating Victoria's room at the moment because she doesnt have enough storage so there is stuff everywhere. It doesnt matter how much I try to tidy it, it still looks like a mess. I cant wait until Megan gets her dresser so that she can pass her storage tote thingy onto her. It just occured to me today being the first day of August that I dont have long until I wont be able to do any painting because of the cold weather and then I will be kicking myself for not getting what I want to get done. Im not sure if you can see the colour definition on these walls. Perhaps if you click on it you might be able to see it better.

We managed to get our big screen tv hooked up on the weekend. I will have to take some photos to show how big and cool it is. All our movies look really good and sound really cool now. We are rewatching all our old dvds just to check out all the details you miss on a smaller tv.

I finally got to talk to my dad on the weekend. I surprised him and wished him a happy birthday. The significance of this is that I havent been able to talk to my dad in about 4 years. We had quite a long talk and he's still the same whacky dad that he always was hehe. It is very nice to be able to call home and speak to people on a regular basis that I havent talked to in a long time. One person I definitely have to call and havent yet is my friend Kylie. That will be excellent. We use to chat online on a weekly basis but havent really chatted much in the last year and a half. I have no idea why. We just kind of got caught up in our own lives. I will definitely have to fix that.

We had a good time at the fair. Victoria is now officially a fair and ride junkie hehe. It was so cute to see he that excited. She couldnt stop grinning the whole time she was there. We took a bunch of photos so I will have to post a few classic ones to show off hehe.

Well I better go. Tomorrow is summer reading and we are teaching preschoolers about the moon. I have to cut out some cling wrap squares for the binoculars we are going to make. Only one more summer reading day after this one and we have the final ceremony. Yay I wont have to freak out about this anymore hehe. Its been fun but I still feel like I am out of my league on this one hehe.