Monday, December 19, 2011

Etsy Front Page Excitement!!!!!

I am so excited to say that one of my items in my Etsy shop was on the front page. WooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

I have been wanting to be on the front page for a very long time. Yesterday I saw that one of my felted bags was in a treasury. A very pretty treasury. I logged into my shop this morning to discover a big jump in views and favourites and found out the treasury had been put on the front page.

Here is the treasury that I am speaking of.

It makes me want to get some new stuff made pronto to add to the shop but I know that is probably not going to happen this week. I am knee deep in trying to finish handmade Christmas presents. I am attempting my first ever quilt. It is really close to being finished. Megan is home with a cold today so I cant work on it until tonight because its for her. I am attempting to make as many Adventure Time characters as I can for Victoria. I am on my second one with the other two I could get done before Christmas just waiting to get started. I am also finishing off a hat and have an order for a duck that needs to be done soon. So many things and so little time. I also need to get the house ready for all the visitors on Christmas Eve. This is why I keep telling the children to stop telling me how many days until Christmas because I am not ready yet.

But anyway, I was on the front page of Etsy WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tiny Pigs And A Blue Elephant

I just sold these pigs in my Etsy shop the other day. They didnt even last a day before somebody purchased them. I still have to show them off though because arent they just the cutest especially the baby pig. I love his little tail.

The Mama pig measures 1 1/2 inches and the baby pig measures 1 inch. A little fiddly to knit at first but easy and quick after the first couple of rows. This pattern was designed by Apocalypse Knits and she has given me permission to sell pigs made from her oh so cute pattern. I think I will be knitting many more of these. This yarn was not very thin so imagine how small they could get.

I just listed this sweet little elephant. He has been waiting to be finished for quite some time now so he is excited just to be done. I made him in a soft cotton blue yarn with grey on the inside of his ears and his feet.

I gave him felt eyes so that he would be safe for any age. I envision him being a great baby shower present.

He measures 11 inches tail which I think is just the right elephant snuggling height.