Thursday, March 29, 2012

Candy The Monster

My poor little neglected blog. I feel so bad that I dont write here more. I have been knee deep in knitting Bobby's Socks the past couple of months. I am up to pair number 7 and still have another pair that have to get done. I dont know if there will be more straight after that but I could probably knit socks in my sleep by now.

I did manage to stop for a minute to finish of this little monster who was just begging to be finished off so it could find its forever home.

So here is Candy The Monster. She's just a little girl at 5 1/2 inches but she's big on personality. As you can see from her pictures she just loves candy. I think she is attracted to it because they are coloured just like her and have share the same name.

She proudly stands here with a lollipop.

Just because she loves candy doesnt mean she's not willing to share and she would never steal anyone elses.