Friday, June 29, 2007

What I Knitted Last Week

Here is the baby set thats not quite finished yet that I knitted last week. The cardigan needs the pink buttons added and the whole thing needs to be blocked to bring out the lace pattern.

This is the back of the cardigan. This was my first attempt at knitting a baby cardigan. I think it came out pretty good.

This is the bonnet that goes with the cardigan. I just need to buy some pink ribbon that match the pink buttons. The ribbon will be attached at the corners so it looks like one of those old fashioned bonnets. I love how this pattern has a natural scalloped edge just with the increases and decreases.

These are the booties that complete the set. They just need some pink ribbon so that you can tie a bow to keep them on. I will take a final shot so you can seen them all completely finished.

This is the cotton blanket that I am making. This is as far as I got because I need to buy some more of this yarn. I have my fingers crossed they havent sold out when we go shopping tomorrow.

I am currently working on a purple stole for my friend Natalie. She loves purple and I have this lace weight yarn that I got from unravelling a knitted top I bought second hand. I have never used yarn this thin before. Its interesting but I love how light and delicate the pattern is turning out. I am knitting it in a Feather and Fan style or Old Shale as its also known as. I am going to make it in different shades of purple going from darkest to lightest. I hope it looks ok once its all done, whenever that will be.

Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to do special birthday stuff for me. Im not sure what we are doing but Im excited to find out. I know one thing, we are going to the new Starbucks that just opened up. I havent had a chance to go there yet. My husband wants to go to Ruby Tuesdays because he is desperate for some of their ribs which is fine with me. Hmm I will have to think about what else we can do. I have a ton of things on my favourites list that I want so I said I would love to pick some stuff from my list to buy for my birthday. Yay for birthdays.

Oh some exciting stuff this week. I just got a package from my Dad for my birthday. I was very excited to find that I now have a green Ipod Shuffle. I cant wait until Megan gets home from camping and I can show her my new gadget. I havent charged it up yet but I will have to start thinking of what songs I want on it. I also got a bunch of very big laminated photos of my very cute niece Olivia, my sister, my brother in law. my dad's girlfriend and some old photos of my girls. The other exciting news that we got this week is from my oldest daughters father. Apparently Megan is going to be a big sister again. I had to call her up at camping and tell her the good news. I dont know any more than that. I havent emailed him back yet and found out the details. Looks like I have more baby stuff to knit in the next few months.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Last Week Was A Busy Week

Last week was a busy week. My baby turned 4 on Thursday the 21st of June, her party was on Saturday the 23rd of June and I turned 31 on Sunday the 24th of June. June has become quite the busy month since Victoria's arrival. I am sharing some photos that I took of her this week.

Here she is on her birthday with the kitty I got her. She just loves it and its name is Sprinkles.

I also got her this Baby Kermit because she is just like her mummy and Kermie is her hero hehe.

Here she is with her birthday breakfast of waffles. We werent having a cake until Saturday but you have to have special stuff on your birthday too so she got to blow out a candle on her blueberry birthday waffles hehe.

This is just one of the two rainbow cakes that Megan and I made for Victoria's party. She found this cake in an American Girl magazine and just had to have it for her birthday. I was so stressed about getting this cake perfect. We were very lucky that everything came out wonderfully and Megan was a huge help.

This is the inside of the rainbow cake. The colours look a little toxic in this photo, they were alot nicer in person. I tried to cut it and still make it neat and pretty but it was tricky. There are 4 layers of cake. Each layer is a different colour and a different flavour. You just had Jell-O to a cup of white cake mix to the shade of your liking and bake. We had berry blast, lime, orange and strawberry. Everyone was most impressed with the cakes.

In all the running around I did get some knitting done. I will post some photos of what I knitted last week, tomorrow. I got in a baby knitted stuff mood and just found out that a family member is having a girl and just had to make something. It is almost finished. I made a little cardigan, booties and bonnet set. Its all in white and I just have to buy some ribbon for the bonnet and booties and sew the buttons on the cardigan. They are going to be pink of course hehe. It is a lacy pattern so I still want to block it so that the lace sits a little nicer.

I also got an order from a friend of mine for a cotton blanket/hooded baby towel and started that. I am making it in Peaches n' Cream 100% cotton. I havent used this yarn before but I really like it. You can beat the price at $1.30 each either. The person I am making the blanket for just found out the gift is for a baby girl and we were making it in this blue, lime green and white yarn so she went out and bought a different colour. I will have to call her tomorrow and let her know that I miscalculated how much I will need and will need 3 more balls of the new colour. As for the other colour, I couldnt help but start this project as soon as I got the yarn so now its going to be made into a bigger blanket and given to the soon to be big brother who is 2. I guess I will need to get more of that colour too. Yep lucky that yarn is so cheap hehe. This baby isnt coming until October so there is plenty of time.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Secret Knitted Present Is Revealed!

Here is a photo of the present I sent my online knitting friend Brenda. When I sent the package I set it up to track and it says that she should have received it by now so its safe to post. I hope she likes these socks. I know she likes red and she is the same shoe size as me so I hope they fit.
Brenda if your out there, let me know if you like your surprise.

Today I felt like making a quick project so I knitted up a lace headband from a pattern I found online. Its all finished, I just have to block it so it will sit nicer. I think I will make a brown one because I wear alot of brown. The one that I made today is a pink one. I think Megan will want one when she sees it. She is off this weekend on a camping trip to Darien Lake which is a big amusement park up near Buffalo. She is going with her Girl Scout Troop so they can have their special ceremony to bridge up to the next level which is Cadets. She has been beside herself with excitement over this trip so I hope all goes well. She is dying to ride on some roller coasters. She is a little thrill seeker.

The rest of the week I have been working on the cable pillow. I am just about finished the one side and then I will have to start the next side.

Thats all I can think of right now. I have to go and fetch Victoria some more food. She is an eating machine hehe.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Purple Sparkly Monkey Wants To Show Off

I was finally able to get a photo of the purple sparkly monkey that I made for my niece last month. I was told that he lives on her bed and she sleeps with it every night so Im glad he's getting some love.

A close up of his face. You cant really see the purple sheen to his eyes but they look pretty cool in person

And now of course you have to have the monkey butt shot. Its very important to get the butt shot hehe.

Here is an Ipod cover I made yesterday for Megan's friend Brittany. She has been nagging me for weeks for me to make her one so I hope she is happy. Of course it ends up being just like Megan's but with the colours flipped around. Those two are twins, its scary sometimes.

Here is the material that I bought to line the pink and brown messenger bag. I have to find some time to sit down and start cutting and sewing to get it all ready to send off to its new owner.

After I finished the Ipod cover yesterday, I started making another cable pillow for the lounge. I still have 3 more to make so I thought I should at least get it started. While knitting it, it feels like its taking forever but actually its not because I am already halfway done on one side and its only been a day. It will be nice to have at least two pillows done because then one lounge will be completed and Victoria and Megan wont have to fight over the one pillow. Apparently its beloved by both of them.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I Survived The Week Of Sickness With Some Finished Projects

Well by Wednesday this week I was recovering from my sickness. Thank goodness because I was hating not having enough energy to do anything.

I finished the two pairs of booties that I had an order for and posted them off on Friday. I finished my surprise present for Brenda, my online knitting buddy and posted that on Friday as well. She should get that by the end of the week. Once I find out she has it I will post the photo of the finished product.

I took a photo of the bear I got for mother's day last month from my daughter Megan. It says I am number 1 mum. Yay for me. I put him with the very pretty candle tealight holder that my mum sent me a couple of years ago. I just love how when its lit up like this, you can see the roses imprinted in it. Very nice. I should use it more often. I have been using it the last couple of weeks because my friend Natalie gave me some beautiful smelling tealights recently. I just love smelly candles.

Today I took a photo of some wild flowers that I picked the other day from the back of our backyard. Im not sure what they are but they smell alot like lilacs and have made our house smell like spring time. I am waiting for our garden to sprout the flowers that we planted at the beginning of May. These flowers will have to do until our special ones decide to arrive.

Here are the two pairs of booties that I just mailed off yesterday. They were made with Bernat Softee Baby and Bernat Eyelash. Two very soft yarns. I really hope they like their order. I would love to make a baby blanket out of that Softee Baby yarn, its very soft and has lots of yardage.

Yesterday I went to Erie, Pennsylvania with my friend Natalie to the big A.C. Moore craft shop. I had never gone in there before. We went to get some stuff for the Girl Scout Troops tshirts and their bridging ceremony. Natalie is Megan's troop leader and I kind of assist her. We were in there for about 2 hours. I had $20 in my wallet and didnt even come out with anything. I was completely shocked. So was my husband hehe. I think I was so busy looking and taking everything in that I was actually thinking about what to buy. We were going to go to Michaels which is suppose to be even bigger but we ran out of time. I will definitely have to go down there again and will definitely buy something this time. It was really cool seeing alot of yarns that I had only ever seen online. It so much better to see them in person and be able to feel their textures. I am very big on softness hehe. People that know me will be shouting out "Oh My God Yes! " when they read that sentence hehe.

Hopefully this week will be more successful in getting projects done and started because I wont be sick. Yay to being healthy!

Monday, June 4, 2007

A New Knitting Lesson Learned Over The Weekend

Don't try to knit when your head is all fuzzy from a sinus cold.
I have been battling this horrible sinus cold since Friday. I have become tired of people saying "God Bless You" from the numerous times that I have sneezed in the past 4 days. I just want it to go away. Vicks Sinex nasal spray has been a life saver and the only reason I am functioning at the moment. I was trying to knit on Saturday and ended up unravelling what I had done that day 3 times before giving up and putting it down for when I feel better.

Sagey Goodness bag went off to its new home on Friday and I got some money to buy some supplies I need for some projects I have to get done. I bought some orange paint for Megan's room and even did the first coat yesterday. I bought some material to line the pink messenger bag that my sisters friend wants. Let me tell you that colour was impossible to find a good liner for but I think after half an hour in the craft shop, I found a really nice one. I got some lime green buttons for Brittany's Ipod cover that she has been nagging me for and I got some baby blue yarn for an order that I just got for a couple of pairs for booties.

I dont know if I ever mentioned this before but for about 2 years I have had various knitted things on a website of a lady I met online. She has handcrafted stuff that she makes herself and adds my things on there for a percentage of the profit. This order for the booties about the third or fourth order I have gotten since putting my stuff on there. Here is a link to the website if you want to take a peak of what is on there.
Anything that is labelled knitted by Nicole is one of my things.

I am minutes away from finishing my secret surprise and then I will have to get started on those booties. I should have them ready to post by Friday I am hoping. Then I think I will do the Ipod cover and the lining for the pink messenger bag so I can get them off to their owners. Lots to do, lots to do. I still have to get the second coat of Megan's orange paint to do. It looks so different in her room from it being all white. She is very excited to have some colour. Once that gets painted we have to buy the pink paint she wants for the other sides of the walls. The final thing to paint up there is the trim, windows and railings, white. Her room is big and an odd shape so its quite a job but it will be cool when its all done. I will have to post a picture once all painting is done. Next room to tackle will be Victoria's. Hers will be a breeze after Megan's.

So much to do and a stupid stuffy nose to get rid of. Will I survive? Only time will tell hehe.