Monday, May 21, 2012

Prom 2012

My Megan just had her prom on Saturday so I just had to show off the prettiness of it all.

Megan and her friend Ali decided to ask a boy that was a friend of theirs if he would be their date. So he was a lucky guy with two dates to the prom. He didnt care what he wore so the girls delighted in being able to pick out his outfit. They were quite proud of the results.

Here is my Meggy all pretty and stuff. 

I wish I could have got her shoes in one of these pictures. They were hot pink patent leather shoes with 4 1/2 inch heels. She was enjoying towering over me. 

If only she would have let me take a picture of what she looked like the next day when she same home. It would have been priceless hehe. Lets just say the hair wasnt so pretty, the makeup was smudgy, some being used as a strange headband and a giant fake Michael Jackson tattoo on her leg. 

Here are the girls all together. What angels hehe.

Megan loves this picture. It just captures their personalities so well I think hehe.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sparkle Horse

I just listed this Sparkly Horse in my Etsy shop today. This horse reminds me of my Megan when she was little. Its pink, its sparkly, its a horse. All things that would have made her want to snatch it up and call it hers. 

I just know there are other little girls out there that are just like my Megan who would love a sparkly little horse. 

I contemplated turning her into a little unicorn but she was happy just how she is. 

When deciding on the eyes I remembered when I was little and use to colour in all the eyes blue. I even went through a whole colouring book just colouring all the eyes in blue in every picture. I dont know what the fascination was but felt like this little horse needed blue eyes just like the old days.