Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New York Buddies

I just sent off a new batch of toys to Stoopher & Boots in New York city. I usually like to send at least 7 things at a time but I have been working on socks, socks, socks that I havent had time to do too many toys. This is quite the crew isnt it. 

I knitted this bunny once before in a chenille yarn that made him look like a velveteen rabbit. This bunny was knitted from a yarn called Bunny Soft. How could you not knit a bunny out of it? Victoria picked the colours. Of course she would pick blue as she is in love with blue. This yarn is so soft. My girls couldnt stop hugging him when he was all finished. I found out that once he arrived in New York yesterday and friend of Stoopher & Boots had to blog about him so now he is famous. Here is a link to the article which is so cute.

Look at that poofy tail, so soft and fluffy like a real bunny. For the lining of the ears I used felt. The last one of these bunnies I used fabric. I think I much prefer the fabric as even those the ears in this picture are tamed and down once you start playing with him they tend to fold back and make him look as if he was stuck in a wind tunnel. Still cute but a little too stiff for my liking. Oh and this pattern was designed by one of my new favourite designers, Rabbit Hole Knits. I just love every one of her patterns.

This bunny is another Rabbit Hole Knits designs. The amazing thing about this pattern is that this is pretty much all one piece. You just add the ears and the front paws. For this bunny I got a smooth yarn and a fluffy super soft yarn and held it together throughout. When I picked a needle size I went really small so this is a very strong, stable fabric. What is even better is the eyes are embroidered on so that he is safe for everyone. A funny story about this bunny is, the little 2 year old girl that I babysit wanted to hold him and when I gave him to her she was holding him like a real bunny. She put him on the ground and was waiting for him to start hopping. She very much thought he was real. 

Dont you just love his little tail. I just love how he is knit all in one including his little tail.

Here is another super cute monster designed by Danger Crafts another favourite designer. I have knit this monster before in pink. Its funny how these little critters can look so different just by changing the yarn. This one was made in a colourful baby yarn which makes him super soft. It was interesting to see how the striping changed once I got to the body. 

Last but not least is this little dinosaur. You dont really see to many pink dinosaurs around but I knew I just had to make one after Victoria and I read a super cute story that had this pink dinosaur all through it. He also has embroidered eyes which makes him safer and is just the right size for little hands. You never know, there could have been real pink dinosaurs.