Monday, August 25, 2014

Library Summer Reading Knitting

I always like to help out with our local library's Summer Reading program. For the past 7 years I have been a partner leading the 3 - PreK group but this year taking a break from that I became the assistant coordinator. It was so much fun to be working in the background of it all, organizing and keeping things running smoothly. Who knew I would enjoy all that?

Our theme this year was Science and deciding the prizes for the top readers this year I volunteered to make some knitted rewards. I made two rockets and two robots.

The rockets went to the 3 - PreK and the K - 1 group and the robots went to the 2 - 3 and 4 - 6 group. 

I had alot of fun setting up this display ready for Summer Reading and for some reason its always so cool to me to see multiples of knitted toys together especially when they are the same in different colours. I think its because even though its the same thing they each take on a different personality depending on the colours and details you add. 

In the end 2 sisters won the rockets which they were having alot of fun with even before they took them home and 2 very avid readers got the robots. They were not in attendance to receive their prize so I hope they like them. There was one little boy in the Kindergarten group who really, really wanted to win a rocket. He worked so hard trying to read enough minutes to try and win the rocket but it was a close race and he just missed out. His Mum said that if he didnt win a rocket that maybe I would make one for him. Well of course I will. He has told me that he would like it to be orange and blue which I think is an excellent choice. It looks like I have some more rocket knitting to do but I know it will be going to someone who will really appreciate it.