Monday, November 24, 2008

They're Suppose To Be Kitties

I just added these kitty puppet mittens to my Etsy shop. They are suppose to be white kitties so I hope they look like kitties. They werent from a pattern I just kind of made them up. Victoria says they look like kitties so I figured they did. Now I think about it Im taking the word of a 5 year old hehe.

Anyway, she loves them so hopefully they will do well. Maybe they are more something you need to see in person. I think I am going to make another pair of these but a different animal this time. I think the next pair are going to be dinosaurs. Im trying to decide what are good colours for a dinosaur. Im thinking something like purple and green, blue and green, purple and red. Am I along the right path here?

I am in the process of making another lamb for the shop. I figured the first one was popular and sold pretty quickly, I should probably make another one. This one didnt take me long to make and the snowy stay inside weather hasnt hurt either. This lamb is different colours than the last one. He is looking pretty cute actually. The girls love him so thats a good sign. This one is beige with brown feet and muzzle. It will have a green cardigan. All thats left to do is sew up the cardigan and add a button. Im hoping to have it listed tomorrow.

Very soon Im going to have to split KnittedForEwe knitting with Christmas present knitting. Victoria tells me she wants me to knit her a brown kitty for Christmas. I would love to make more socks. The ones I was making for her got put on hold. So much knitting and not enough time hehe.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long Tasks Being Done

This past week I unravelled the knitted blanket that I bought second hand. It took me 4 days to get it all unravelled. In the end I now have 16 balls of cream yarn to do with whatever I want. Thats alot of cream yarn hehe.

I have also been working on transferring all my Etsy seller and item favourites from my Etsy username that I have been buying with for about 3 years now. I would just like to have all my Etsy stuff under the Knitted For Ewe name. It has become a very long process because I have alot of favourites. I cant help myself hehe. I am so close to being done and it will be worth it to only have to log in under one name.

If you look on the right side of my blog you will now see that I have created a little photo box of items that are for sale in Knitted For Ewe. I will make sure it stays updated so if your ever on here and your wondering what Im selling right now you just take a peek at the little thumbnail boxes and you are all up to date.

I listed my women's knitted socks the other day. The photos are of the socks that I knitted for myself. Let me tell you that I can vouch for these socks 100%. If I had more time I would own many many pairs especially with it getting colder and colder. Today would be nice to wear them because I just shovelled Joe out of the driveway and the snow is just about up to my knees. I have a feeling the girls wont have to go to school tomorrow. Megan is spending the night at her friends house because no one wants to drive on the roads to get her home. Im sure she is suffering hehe

I also listed a green felted bag that I finished lining yesterday. I wish I could keep this bag myself. Its so soft and I love the colours. The ceramic bird button is my favourite part. Its so smooth to touch. Oh well, I guess I cant keep it all. Selling it will be just as fun as well.

I am trying ever so hard not to start any new projects and finish off the other unfinished projects I have. I have to stop myself so many times not just pick up some new yarn and start a new idea spinning around my head. I tell myself that finishing the old stuff will help stock my shop and thats what keeps me going. Actually I am sewing on some handles of a cotton tote bag I have been working on that should be done by tomorrow so I am well on my way to finished items.

On Friday night we took Victoria to her first movie ever. We went to see Madagascar 2 which she has been dying to see. Megan saw it last week with a friend and her sister. We hadnt taken her to the movies before this because she has this thing with loud noises. She has gotten much better about loud noises these days so we thought we would try it. I think waiting until she was older has actually made her movie going experience more special. She was so so excited. She was just soaking up every little thing. She walks into the theatre and announces that when you go to the movies you must have popcorn so that is what she got. She was grinning from ear to ear and amazed by everything. She couldnt believe the size of the screen. She was a little worried about the movie not coming on because of all the previews but once it started she was good to go. She especially liked the seats because they kind of rock and she could bounce on them. So now she keeps telling us how much she loved going to the movies. I think there is no stopping her now. She is hooked hehe.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Morning Surprise

This is what we woke up to today. Snow, snow, snow. I dont know if we're quite ready for all this snow yet but here it is. Victoria already wants to make a snow family and I just know Megan will come home from school telling me that she HAS to have hot chocolate today.

Our poor little car all covered in snow.

Everything looks prettier when its got snow on it.

All these photos were taken in our backyard. Lots of prettiness everywhere. Definitely different from the Autumn photos I posted not that long ago. Now the trees are all naked and ready to be covered in snow for many months to come. If my sister Kylie is looking at my blog then take a good look because this is what you have to look forward to at Christmas time hehehe.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its Exciting! Its Exciting!

Today Knitted For Ewe got its very first sale!!!!!!
Yep you read it right. Im so excited. I had to read it twice just so it would sink in. The lamb with the cardigan now has a new home to go to. Its just so amazing.

I listed another item on Friday. Its an Olive Green felted bag that has a matching pouch that fits inside it. I needed to list something other than a knitted toy to show some of the other things that I knit. It was just sitting there all finished and waiting to be listed.

I got out all my almost finished bags the other day. I didnt realize how many there are hehe. I think my goal this week is to get at least two of those finished and listed.

I bought a big cream coloured blanket from Samaritan House on Friday thinking it was great chunky yarn that could become a cool bag or lots of other things. I started to unravel it only to discover the person who had knitted it has doubled up on worsted weight. Its not the chunky yarn I thought it was but now I have even twice the amount of yarn I thought I had, bonus. I am going to have cream yarn coming out of my ears. Thats ok because cream yarn can become a toy, a pillow or a great bag. Lots of possibilities and at a bargain price of about 25c. I also found a couple of great buckles that could become great for closing bags.

I am working on the kitty puppet mittens. I have them almost finished. Im not sure what I am going to do about the eyes. Victoria's has google eyes that have a slit at the back to stitch on. Im not sure if the person who made them put the slit there or they bought them like that. I havent been able to find them yet. I could also embroider the eyes on which might be better because they wont fall off. I think I will figure it out when it comes time to do the eyes. They will go on last. Victoria seems to approve of how they look so far.

My Megan just made it on her school modified girls basketball team this week. She is very excited. Every time she tells me about practice she seems surprised that she has improved from last year. I think all that soccer may have helped her game. She is also trying out for the school musical this week. We will see how this all works schedule wise. I keep telling that girl that maybe trying to do all this stuff is not such a good idea but she looks at me like I have no idea what I am talking about. I think this is going to have to be one of those things that she will have to find out on her own.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New Book For Me

I just got this book in the mail from my Mum. It is a signed copy which is pretty fancy. My Mum found this blog and liked her stuff and the colours she uses. I have to agree. The blog is
Even if you dont sew her pictures are delightful to look at. If you would love to learn to sew then this is the book for you because it tells you absolutely everything you need to know. I sew a little bit and sometimes need some help so I am sure I will be referring to this book often. The projects are great too.

I made another listing today. Its for the baby monkey that I knit a while ago. He is so cute. I have to hide him from the girls so they dont steal him.

I have a couple of felted bags that are so close to being finished. I think I will have to sit down and finish them off so they will be able to be listed in the shop. I am now thinking that having this shop is a great motivator for finishing off projects. That will be exciting all on its own. We crafters tend to start many projects and not finish them. Its an issue that I am not alone in hehe.

One project that I do want to get started so that I can list them in my shop are some puppet mittens. Victoria has a pair that the yarn shop gave her and absolutely every time she wears them people gush over them and want some. I think I have figured out the pattern from looking at them and I want to make some. She has what she calls dragons but I would like to do lots of other animals. I think they could be really popular judging by what people say about hers. We shall see.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Knitted For Ewe Has Stock!

Well I finally sat down and did it. Knitted For Ewe has two things listed. Its very exciting and very scary at the same time.

The duck and the lamb have now put themselves out there to be adopted. I will be listing some more things throughout the week but this is a good start.

So if you want to check it out go to

Please let me know what you think because feedback helps.