Monday, November 24, 2008

They're Suppose To Be Kitties

I just added these kitty puppet mittens to my Etsy shop. They are suppose to be white kitties so I hope they look like kitties. They werent from a pattern I just kind of made them up. Victoria says they look like kitties so I figured they did. Now I think about it Im taking the word of a 5 year old hehe.

Anyway, she loves them so hopefully they will do well. Maybe they are more something you need to see in person. I think I am going to make another pair of these but a different animal this time. I think the next pair are going to be dinosaurs. Im trying to decide what are good colours for a dinosaur. Im thinking something like purple and green, blue and green, purple and red. Am I along the right path here?

I am in the process of making another lamb for the shop. I figured the first one was popular and sold pretty quickly, I should probably make another one. This one didnt take me long to make and the snowy stay inside weather hasnt hurt either. This lamb is different colours than the last one. He is looking pretty cute actually. The girls love him so thats a good sign. This one is beige with brown feet and muzzle. It will have a green cardigan. All thats left to do is sew up the cardigan and add a button. Im hoping to have it listed tomorrow.

Very soon Im going to have to split KnittedForEwe knitting with Christmas present knitting. Victoria tells me she wants me to knit her a brown kitty for Christmas. I would love to make more socks. The ones I was making for her got put on hold. So much knitting and not enough time hehe.

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