Monday, December 1, 2008

A Little Lamb Who Wants A Home

I listed this little guy in my shop last week. He turned out so cute. Dont you just want to hug him. He really wants a home though. None of this hanging about and not being played with. Victoria has tried to nab him several times.

Here he is all nakey with his tail hanging out. Now you know why he needs the cardigan. He'd get pretty chilly otherwise.

I liked how these photos turned out. I may have finally found the way to take my photos for my shop that will stand out, have good lighting and show the product well.

Today I am hoping to list a couple more things. A monkey that I had made ages ago. He is a blue and brown fluffy monkey I like to call Morris. I am also listing a pair of wristwarmers. Well I think I am. I have gone back and forth whether to list them or keep them for myself and just make another pair for the shop. I think it will be a last minute decision. They just need some ends threaded in and they will be ready for photos. I am pretty proud of these wristwarmers because I designed the pattern myself. Yay for me. They have a cable design on the front of them.

The kiddies and the husband went back to the regular routine today. School and work, work and school. It was nice having everyone home. Megan was even home for most of the holidays. We started decorating for Christmas. This isnt just a one day event in our house. It could take a week or two before its all set up. We live with Christmas Elf Joe if you remember hehe. The tree is up and all decorated. I think Victoria has the Christmas gene from Joe because she just loves to lay next to the tree and look up at it all the time especially when the lights are turned on. We still have to put the tree up that goes on the front porch. Its going to be pretty colourful out there at night. We got some new icicle lights that are multi coloured and you can see them from store up the road hehe. Its all very National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
For Thanksgiving we went to Joe's dad's house. The food was yummy and we all just hung out. We brought the stuffing which Joe made because I ran out of time. We also brought dessert. Apparently I am becoming famous for making good dessert. The girls helped me make some Boston Cream Pie Minis. They are cupcake sized Boston Cream Pies. They taste just like the big version. We made them at Girl Scouts a while ago and Joe liked them so we thought we'd try it again. They were a big hit.

I just finished finalizing the details on a custom order that I cant wait to get started on. I will be making some men's socks for a guy who has rather large feet. I found a pattern I should be able to use. He has decided that he wants them knitted in the superwash wool which is wool yarn that can be washed without shrinking. I havent used it before but heard alot about it. They should make very nice comfy socks. I'll probably want a pair myself once Im done with them.

A little personal message here to my niece. Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia! I love you. I hope you liked your mermaid cake with the rainbow on it. I meant to call and say Happy Birthday but kept remembering when you guys were probably in snooze land. I promise to call you soon. Fingers crossed we'll see you at Christmas.

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