Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Things Red

I bought the things to make my order that I need to send out. With the order I could have picked red, pink or blue so I chose red. Tonight I will have to sit down and start knitting the strips that will get stitched around the flop bands. It shouldnt take me more than an hour or so. They will be all ready to mail out.

Speaking of red, I dyed my hair red last Sunday. I like it because its not dull uninteresting mousy brown any more. It seems to change colour with the different coloured clothes that I wear. I think everyone is still getting used to it. This coming week I will be seeing a bunch of people who havent seen the new colour yet so it will be interesting to see their reactions.

We are just about ready for Easter. Just a few more things and we will be all prepared for our Easter dinner. Yummy! This Wednesday we are off to our MOPS Easter meeting, on Thursday I am going to Victoria's class for their Easter party and on Friday its the Easter part of Story Hour. Lots of fun stuff this week. On Thursday we are taking Victoria to see the Easter Bunny. She just loves Easter the most out of all holidays and the Easter Bunny. Im not sure why hehe.

Tomorrow is St Patricks Dad and that can only mean one thing..... Its mine and Joe's wedding anniversary. This is our 7th year. Everyone is always surprised that its 7 years. They always think its been shorter than that and it feels that way for us too. Perhaps its that old saying, Time Flies When Your Having Fun! On Friday night we actually went on a date. We only do it once a year on our anniversary. The one day a year we dont have the children with us. Its always very exciting. We went to dinner at this fancy restaurant. I had a fabulous meal of Jumbo Prawn Cocktail which came with tons of prawns and for my mail meal I had Australian Lobster Tail which came with this cool little dish of melted butter to dip in. Yes of course I had to eat the AUSTRALIAN lobster tail hehe. He didnt seem to have an accent though. We have decided that we should go out together more than once a year and lots of people have offered to babysit so maybe this could be something new and exciting.

The lady that babysat the children has a guinea pig. I just love her. Its chocolate brown coloured and its name is Hershey. Isnt that cute? I got to hold her and we bonded. When I finally had to put her back in her cage she crawled up into my neck to try and stay with me. We love each other hehe. Joyce said that they are wanting to get rid of her. That could be a dangerous thing to say because I would love to have her. I said I dont think that Joe would want me to take it home and he said he never said I couldnt so you just never know, one day Hershey could be coming home with me hehehe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scents That Bring Back Memories

Last week we bought some hand soap for our bathroom. It is grapefruit scented. Every time I wash my hands I have to smell the grapefruit smell tons of times because that scent brings me right back to my Nanna's house. Her house always smelt like grapefruits because she had half a grapefruit every morning for breakfast for as long as I can remember. She even had a special plate and spoon to do it. I remember thinking it must be pretty good if she eats it every day so I tried it. Hmmm, if there is huge amounts of brown sugar with every bite then yeah grapefruit tastes really nice hehe. The funny thing is that Joe's grandma also use to eat half a grapefruit every morning for breakfast and even had the special spoon. The smell also takes him back to his grandma's house. I have said ever since we first met that our grandmothers must have met in heaven and had something to do with us meeting because they seem to have alot in common hehe.

Another scent that took me back this week is Playdoh. Victoria was playing with her playdoh and I just had to sniff it because that just takes you back to all the times playing with it as a little kid. Its so funny how certain smell just remind you of a certain place, person or time.

My mum used to wear this perfume called Poison all the time for a long time. Whenever I smelt it it reminded me of her. I have seen that you can buy it online. I would love to have just a small bottle just to be able to smell it every now and then to remind me of my mum when I was little.
I think the scent that will remind my girls of me when they are older is Lavender because I have lots of lotions and sprays that smell like Lavender and Im always saying its my favourite smell. Another smell that reminds me of someone is roses. They remind me of my other Nanna. Im not sure why. Megan got some lotion for Christmas that is Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom that makes me think of her as well.

Im just trying to think of other smells that bring back memories..... my mums butterscotch popcorn and pancakes, handmade playdoh, spaghetti meat sauce and cadbury chocolate. Thats all I can think of right now.

I would love to know if anyone else has scent memories and what they are?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Bakers Dozen Of Bunnies

Today I put the final faces on the bunny egg cozies I have been making for Victoria's class. The light blue ones are a little hard to see because the colour is so light to photograph. The other shots were taken without a flash but if you click on them I thin you can see the details better. I ended up having to make 13 instead of 12 because while making them Victoria asked if she was getting one as well so I made one for her so she wouldnt feel left out. Now all I have to do is buy the eggs to put them on.

This week when I went to Victoria's class for the afternoon I brought an 'Its A Girl' present for her teacher who is due in June. I had an order for these fleece blankets ages ago that ended up getting cancelled. I had the cross stitch flowers done but hadnt cut out the fleece or to stitch the cross stitch band on so I kind of cheated because mostly everything was done ages ago. She really loved the blanket and it felt good to get some of that project done. There are 5 more of those blankets waiting to be finished. I have a blue one with bunnies that I would like to finish off next.

I just found out tonight that I got an order from my stuff that is on which is always exciting. I will have to wait until probably Friday to get the supplies but the order will be done by the weekend. Its just for a pair of flops with the fluffy knitted band on the straps. Nice and easy to do. Lucky they are already getting all the warm weather stuff out in the shops so it shouldnt be hard to find some flops.

We are having snow like crazy today. We are going to have to dig ourselves out tomorrow. Its crazy outside. It was definitely stay inside and watch movies day. We were suppose to go to a special dinner for MOPS with the dads being invited but they are postponing it until a later date because of the weather today. Im glad we did our grocery shopping yesterday. I am not looking forward to shovelling it tomorrow.

Easter is rapidly approaching and I have to keep reminding myself of this because we have to start planning our Easter dinner and inviting people. Its a good thing we still havent returned the chairs and table we borrowed at Christmas time because we can use those for Easter dinner. Sometimes it pays to procrastinate hehe.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Its Monday!

I couldnt think of a title for this post so it just is what it is hehe.

We finally got to pick up Megan's snazzy new chair. Well its not really new but its new to her. I forgot to get some upholstery cleaner while we were out shopping so it will have to be on the top of my list this week. I vaccumed it all out and sprayed Frebreeze on it so it smelled pretty. There are just a few spots that need to be cleaned but I would love to get it as fancy looking as possible. Now it just needs a cushion and I feel and cozy throw blanket to snuggle up with. I suggested to Megan that she needs a little side table to put her hot chocolate on to sip while reading or playing with her new toy that she got this past weekend. We were going to get Megan an Ipod alarm clock for her Honour Roll achievements last school year but her dad bought her a new alarm clock. Joe came up with the idea to get her a Nintendo DS which she has wanted forever so this is what she got. It is black and red with a cool little accessory kit. She pick a Zelda game to go with it and now she is hooked. She is having so much fun with it and it plays all her old games from her Gameboy which is good. Yes, yes we are a little late on the last school years present but she always eventually gets it. The rule is, if she makes Honour Roll all 4 terms in the school year then she gets a reward.

This shot is the prayer shawl that Im making for my friend. This was taken today, so as you can see I havent got very far yet. I better get cracking. I love the softness and the colour of it. I am going to block it when its all done to open up the mesh and it will have tassles along the short ends.

I guess my feeling of needing to finish off old projects is over because I have been starting new projects all over the place. Its kind of annoying but crafting people will understand this when I say that I just cant help myself. You get so excited about all these different projects its hard to stick to just one project. I found this pattern online last week and thought it was so cute.
I had this idea to make 12 of these little Bunny Egg Cozies, one for each kid in Victoria's class and buy one of those carton of dozen chocolate eggs and put the little cozies on top of each one. I bought some white cotton yarn and just started going to town making bunnies hehe. I am nearly finished the 9th bunny. I am knitting them all first and then I am going to embroider their faces on because that wont take very long. The boys will have blue faces and the girls will have pink faces. I dont know if this is total dorky but Im having fun making them hehe. I can just see Victoria wanting one as well hehe. I will take a photo of them when they are all done because I think it will be such a cute shot of 12 little bunny heads all together. They dont take very long to make. I think it takes me longer to weave in the ends than it does to knit them.

I am excited this week because we have Mops and its going to be Spa Day. They are going to have prizes, a masseuse, a hairdresser and ladies with candles and lotions. We have having all sorts of fondue for snack as well. Last year at Spa Day I won the 1 hour massage so who knows what will happen this year. Yay to Mops Spa Day!