Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scents That Bring Back Memories

Last week we bought some hand soap for our bathroom. It is grapefruit scented. Every time I wash my hands I have to smell the grapefruit smell tons of times because that scent brings me right back to my Nanna's house. Her house always smelt like grapefruits because she had half a grapefruit every morning for breakfast for as long as I can remember. She even had a special plate and spoon to do it. I remember thinking it must be pretty good if she eats it every day so I tried it. Hmmm, if there is huge amounts of brown sugar with every bite then yeah grapefruit tastes really nice hehe. The funny thing is that Joe's grandma also use to eat half a grapefruit every morning for breakfast and even had the special spoon. The smell also takes him back to his grandma's house. I have said ever since we first met that our grandmothers must have met in heaven and had something to do with us meeting because they seem to have alot in common hehe.

Another scent that took me back this week is Playdoh. Victoria was playing with her playdoh and I just had to sniff it because that just takes you back to all the times playing with it as a little kid. Its so funny how certain smell just remind you of a certain place, person or time.

My mum used to wear this perfume called Poison all the time for a long time. Whenever I smelt it it reminded me of her. I have seen that you can buy it online. I would love to have just a small bottle just to be able to smell it every now and then to remind me of my mum when I was little.
I think the scent that will remind my girls of me when they are older is Lavender because I have lots of lotions and sprays that smell like Lavender and Im always saying its my favourite smell. Another smell that reminds me of someone is roses. They remind me of my other Nanna. Im not sure why. Megan got some lotion for Christmas that is Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom that makes me think of her as well.

Im just trying to think of other smells that bring back memories..... my mums butterscotch popcorn and pancakes, handmade playdoh, spaghetti meat sauce and cadbury chocolate. Thats all I can think of right now.

I would love to know if anyone else has scent memories and what they are?

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