Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Things Red

I bought the things to make my order that I need to send out. With the order I could have picked red, pink or blue so I chose red. Tonight I will have to sit down and start knitting the strips that will get stitched around the flop bands. It shouldnt take me more than an hour or so. They will be all ready to mail out.

Speaking of red, I dyed my hair red last Sunday. I like it because its not dull uninteresting mousy brown any more. It seems to change colour with the different coloured clothes that I wear. I think everyone is still getting used to it. This coming week I will be seeing a bunch of people who havent seen the new colour yet so it will be interesting to see their reactions.

We are just about ready for Easter. Just a few more things and we will be all prepared for our Easter dinner. Yummy! This Wednesday we are off to our MOPS Easter meeting, on Thursday I am going to Victoria's class for their Easter party and on Friday its the Easter part of Story Hour. Lots of fun stuff this week. On Thursday we are taking Victoria to see the Easter Bunny. She just loves Easter the most out of all holidays and the Easter Bunny. Im not sure why hehe.

Tomorrow is St Patricks Dad and that can only mean one thing..... Its mine and Joe's wedding anniversary. This is our 7th year. Everyone is always surprised that its 7 years. They always think its been shorter than that and it feels that way for us too. Perhaps its that old saying, Time Flies When Your Having Fun! On Friday night we actually went on a date. We only do it once a year on our anniversary. The one day a year we dont have the children with us. Its always very exciting. We went to dinner at this fancy restaurant. I had a fabulous meal of Jumbo Prawn Cocktail which came with tons of prawns and for my mail meal I had Australian Lobster Tail which came with this cool little dish of melted butter to dip in. Yes of course I had to eat the AUSTRALIAN lobster tail hehe. He didnt seem to have an accent though. We have decided that we should go out together more than once a year and lots of people have offered to babysit so maybe this could be something new and exciting.

The lady that babysat the children has a guinea pig. I just love her. Its chocolate brown coloured and its name is Hershey. Isnt that cute? I got to hold her and we bonded. When I finally had to put her back in her cage she crawled up into my neck to try and stay with me. We love each other hehe. Joyce said that they are wanting to get rid of her. That could be a dangerous thing to say because I would love to have her. I said I dont think that Joe would want me to take it home and he said he never said I couldnt so you just never know, one day Hershey could be coming home with me hehehe.


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