Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Adorable And Funny!

We have been giving our house a much needed clean out in the past month. My girls have decided that they want to switch bedrooms so they had to clean out their rooms if they wanted to make the big switch. Megan to the small room downstairs and Victoria to the big loft room upstairs. 

In our cleaning out of things we have been strolling down memory lane as you do when you start going through things that have been buried in boxes for a long time. 
We found a letter that Megan made for Santa when she was 8 that was still sealed so of course we had to open it. Oh and what giggles we had. 
I am going to share it with you with all her spelling glory with it hehe.

Dear Santa Claus,
Joe is already puting up the tree. I turned eight this year. The most thing I 
want for Christmas is rolling runners. These are the other thing I want a life
size choclate moose and a city of all sorts of Barbie dolls and last but not least
a flying unicorn any age.
I Love You Very Much
You'rs truly,
Megan Brown
p.s. Nail polish and Nail Polish remover and clothes

I am definitely saving this letter hehe. I dont remember what she got that year for Christmas but I dont think she got most of it. My Megan is turning 18 next month and the funny thing is she would probably still want the life size chocolate mousse, whatever that is hehe as long as its something chocolate and the nail polish and clothes are still being asked for. So even though your kids grow and change they are still pretty much the same.

I hope you had a little giggle with this post. I think my favourite part is the flying unicorn any age hehehehehehe.