Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its Exciting! Its Exciting!

Today Knitted For Ewe got its very first sale!!!!!!
Yep you read it right. Im so excited. I had to read it twice just so it would sink in. The lamb with the cardigan now has a new home to go to. Its just so amazing.

I listed another item on Friday. Its an Olive Green felted bag that has a matching pouch that fits inside it. I needed to list something other than a knitted toy to show some of the other things that I knit. It was just sitting there all finished and waiting to be listed.

I got out all my almost finished bags the other day. I didnt realize how many there are hehe. I think my goal this week is to get at least two of those finished and listed.

I bought a big cream coloured blanket from Samaritan House on Friday thinking it was great chunky yarn that could become a cool bag or lots of other things. I started to unravel it only to discover the person who had knitted it has doubled up on worsted weight. Its not the chunky yarn I thought it was but now I have even twice the amount of yarn I thought I had, bonus. I am going to have cream yarn coming out of my ears. Thats ok because cream yarn can become a toy, a pillow or a great bag. Lots of possibilities and at a bargain price of about 25c. I also found a couple of great buckles that could become great for closing bags.

I am working on the kitty puppet mittens. I have them almost finished. Im not sure what I am going to do about the eyes. Victoria's has google eyes that have a slit at the back to stitch on. Im not sure if the person who made them put the slit there or they bought them like that. I havent been able to find them yet. I could also embroider the eyes on which might be better because they wont fall off. I think I will figure it out when it comes time to do the eyes. They will go on last. Victoria seems to approve of how they look so far.

My Megan just made it on her school modified girls basketball team this week. She is very excited. Every time she tells me about practice she seems surprised that she has improved from last year. I think all that soccer may have helped her game. She is also trying out for the school musical this week. We will see how this all works schedule wise. I keep telling that girl that maybe trying to do all this stuff is not such a good idea but she looks at me like I have no idea what I am talking about. I think this is going to have to be one of those things that she will have to find out on her own.

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