Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some More Finished Projects

My big cream tote now has handles on it. FINALLY!! I think they came out pretty good. At least this way I was able to make them the length and distance apart that I wanted. I think this bag would be good for carrying craft projects, lots of books if you go to school or perhaps a travel bag because its pretty big. Laying flat it measures 20 inches across and 15 inches down.

Here is a shot of the wooden toggle closure that I put in. You can't really see the little groove details on either end in this shot.

Here is pillow number 1 of the 4 pillows that I am making for our lounge. I like how it turned out. I was a bit concerned on how the sewing up would go but it seamed up really nicely. I think I have to get cracking on the rest because Victoria really likes this one and keeps claiming it as her own. This pillow is 16 x 16. Im not sure if I should have done it 18 x 18 but considering the pillows we use now are usually considered in the way when people are over this smaller size might be better in the end.

This is just a couple of Ipod cosies I made this week for Megan's friend as a late birthday present. Megan wanted to keep them for herself but I said no. She can have some any time. I think she would really love one in orange. I have at least 2 more to make because Megan's best friend Brittany is begging me for some turquoise and lime green ones even promising payment hehe.

Well that is all I have finished this week. I guess it can pay off to have lots of projects going at once because when you finish them off it looks like you've done alot all at once.

Today I started on a little matching purse in leftover sagey goodness yarn. Its all knitted up I just have to seam it and felt it. That was really a quick knit. Once its all dried I just have to add a button. At some point I will have to tackle the red poppy bag. I just have to jump in and finish that embroidery. Once I get over that hump the rest will be fairly easy.

For the handles of the cream tote I used a ball of cream Lion Brand Wool. This was the first time felting with something I havent unravelled. I was amazed at how quickly and how well it felted. Just 2 times in the wash and it was ready. Now usually I am having to do 5 or 6 runs in the wash before I get it the way I like it. It was very nice.

I am dying to buy some Wool Of The Andes yarn from KnitPicks. Its cheap and suppose to felt really well. They have really nice colours. One of these days I will get some. It didnt help that my KnitPicks catalogue came in this week just teasing me.

Well thats all from me now. I will write more when there is more to report. I hope you enjoyed my finished projects.


elan said...

Nice bag, great size, is the trim I-cord?

The pillow is gorgeous!

Amanda1 said...

Your bag is fantastic! Did you felt it with the handles already sewn on? You said you can carry a lot of books in it, so I'm guessing its sturdy!

Ipod cozies are a great gift!

I enjoy your site.

king-a-ling said...

I LOVE that cream colored bag! Where did you get the pattern?

Nicole said...

The trim on the cream bag was done in I-cord. I pinned it on as I was knitting it so I knew when I had enough and could get the right sort of spacing as I went.

The pattern is a modified version of a Lion Brand pattern that I found online.

The handles were done after I had made the bag and then attached. I really wanted leather handles but this became quite a chore and turned out they were going to be expensive so I opted for the knitted kind. They are sewn on pretty tight so they should be sturdy. I bought some metal D rings and went over them with the wool yarn and sewed the handles to them before felting.

Im so excited people are enjoying my blog!

Cactusneedles said...

I love the cream bag and the wavy border on the cream bag. How did you do it? Is it just I-cord that you wove across the top? It's great no matter how you did it.

Nerida said...

Did you write tote? Nix.... gee jinkies...