Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What I Want To Achieve This Week

This week I have a bunch of projects to get done. My husbands cousin has the cutest little girl who just turned one this week. Her party is on Sunday and I have been giving her knitted gifts since she was born so I had to make her something for such an occasion. She is definitely a pink girl so I am making her a bunny pyjama bag like the previous one but this one is going to be in reverse colours. I am hoping that a dusty rose bunny with cream face and inner ears will look good. If possible we could pick her up a pair of pyjamas to put inside it. I am about halfway with the main body. Once you get over that hump it the rest knits up pretty quickly. I should have it done soon.

Im hoping its done by then because I told some ladies that I would be bringing some bags in for them to see on Friday at Story Hour at the library. I want to have as many done as possible so there is choice. I need some more time to get those done so the bunny bag has to be done pronto. I just finished a blue bag that is turning out perfectly. The dreaded handle problem has presented itself again. We didnt get to go shopping last weekend which is when I was going to pick up some handles to match this blue bag. Im thinking a quick trip up the road at the second hand shop is in order to maybe find something that I can use. Fingers crossed because I think this bag would sell. Its a good size and holds it shape really well. In fact I was telling my sister that I need to figure out a basic pattern that I can switch up and decorate and then I will be good. I think this could be it. The bottom of the bag sits really nicely. Once this bag has handles I will take a photo and post it.

I did have a dilemma on Sunday. I felted the blue bag and this little green bag made out of the sagey goodness. I wanted to stretch the handle out so it was as long as I wanted on the green bag. I pulled one pull to far and broke some of the threads. Now I have to figure out a way to get it back together without ruining it. Lesson learned on that one hehe.. Once I figure that out then it needs a button for closure and some shaving to get the extra fuzz off and it will be ready for Fridays presenting.

Keep your fingers crossed that at least a couple of bags sell because I want to use some of the money to buy some paint to paint my older daughter Megan's room. She will be very happy about that. I might use some of the money to buy some actual new wool for my next bag instead of unravelled wool hehe.

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