Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Its The Real Santa!

The real Santa came to our little village on Saturday. Who would have thought that he would take time out of his busy schedule for us? We took a short walk up the street from our house on Saturday night because Santa had arrived. We were all rugged up but it was still really cold. We got in the line to wait our turn. As we learned last year when Santa came to our village, he will spend long quality time with each child so it was going to be a wait. Luckily they have free hot chocolate, hot cider and tons of cookies to eat while you wait in line and watch the kids have snowball fights.

We saw many people we know in line and could hear kids anxiously waiting their turn. Victoria being one of them. She was most excited to see the reindeer who we found out was Dasher. This was Victoria's third visit to a Santa but she concluded afterwards that this was the really real Santa because he had a reindeer and looked like Santa. Her little eyes lit up as she realized that she had just talked to the real Santa.

Victoria even got to pat the reindeer and in the next photo you will see that this reindeer took a particular liking to her as well. He kept getting closer and closer to her looking like he wanted a big old reindeer kiss which made us all giggle. Victoria kept pulling her face back because I dont think she quite wanted the reindeer kisses. She kept saying that she thought his nose was going to be all wet but it was nice and furry. After chatting with Santa he gave her a small bag of goodies with activities, crayons and other surprises.

Once we were done visiting Santa we took a walk down the street to the Firehall where they had free chili, hot dogs, chips, coffee, lemonade, cookies and brownies. Victoria also got another present which turned out to be a tub of playdoh.

We had a great time, it didnt cost us a thing, it was right up the street from our house and we have some lovely Christmas memories of when Santa came to town. There are some great things about our small little village.

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