Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet My New Buddy

This week I have started my babysitting adventures. This is Lilly Mae my new niece. Isnt she just the cutest thing. So far I have had her for the last two days and its been so much fun. Today she is spending the day with her Grandma. Apparently Grandma needed some Lilly time but she will be back again tomorrow.

As you can see here our kitty Ringo is quite intrigued by our new visitor and all her baby smells. His nose goes into overload when she is here. I didnt think Victoria would care one way or the other if Lilly was here because she hasnt really been around babies before but she looooooves having Lilly here. She loves that she is here when she wakes up and is here when she gets home from school. She told me that she wishes Lilly were here all the time and is always asking me when she leaves when she will be back. I dont know if she has gotten over the fear that Grandpa instilled in her about touching her but hopefully she will get better in time ( grrrr to Grandpa).

I seen Lilly several times and have yet to hear her really cry. She kind of fusses a little but never really fully cries. I have heard it happens and Im sure I will hear it one day but she just generally likes to snuggle, eat, play and sleep. Here she is fascinated by our Christmas tree that we just put up and decorated over the weekend. The lights werent even turned on at this time and she was still loving it. You should see her face when you turn the lights on hehe.

Is this a little dimple I see with this cute baby smile. This could be a real smile or it could just be gas hehe. You never know at this stage. I like to think of it as a smile. Needless to say I am having alot of fun being a babysitter and its so very nice to be able to hand her over in the afternoon and not have to do the night shift.

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