Monday, December 7, 2009

Let The Christmas Knitting Begin

Now that the craft sale is over and done with I can concentrate on my Christmas knitting. Every Christmas the girls get something handmade by me. It doesnt necessarily mean its knitted because I like to try other crafts as well. Victoria's present does involve knitting. In fact I could knit a ton of stuff for her and she would be happy. The two things I have chosen for her are an alligator and the knitted lamb that she asks me if I have started a couple of times a week. I have already begun the alligator. I got the pattern from Lion Brand. This is no small alligator let me tell you. Here is the link if you want to check it out Pond Alligator
I am making Victoria's alligator out of the Homespun. The main colour is Olive Green and the belly and scales colour is Apple Green. I have finished the top body part and Im now questioning whether I have my colours around the right way. It may be tricky to see his eyes on the Olive Green when he is all done. I will just have to soldier on and hope for the best.

With the knitted lamb I have been given specific instructions. She is to be dark orange and dark pink with a different pink coloured jacket. Luckily I have all those colours from unraveling one of Megan's old jumpers a long time ago. She wont take me very long so I am saving her for last.

Megan's projects are not knitted this year. She got her panda hat so she is happy. Megan is big into Llamas at the moment. I am going to take 3 pictures that she and I took at the zoo of her favourite white llama and print them out and put them in a frame. I think she will be happy that I used her very own photos because she is into photography alot and they are good photos. This is going to be an easy present to put together. The other one which should be easy in theory is proving tricky. I saw a craft program where they hot glued a glass cutting board to a pillow so that you can use it on your lap and write. I found the perfect pillow being just the right size and I didnt get it because I didnt have the cutting board yet and wasnt really sure it was going to be the right size. I am kicking myself because there was only one of these and it is becoming difficult to find the right type anywhere else. I have been on a pillow hunt for the last two weeks. My only hope is if I go back and they have more of them or no one has bought the one I saw otherwise I will have to settle for some other pillow that is not as good. Dont you hate when this happens? I am determined to do this project for her because I think she would really like it and use it alot when doing homework. We shall see what happens with that one.

Are you curious what happened with the craft sale? Well it was kind of a bust. I worked on items for about 3 months and ended up selling one scarf. I had my business cards there so you never know a future sale may come out of it one day. This just confirmed to me that I hate doing craft sales. This was my second one and it just reminded me that they are not for me. I can chalk it up to experience and know that I should not really do one again because my heart just isnt in it. It confirmed my love of Etsy and how much easier it is to sell online. I guess now I have alot of extra things I can add to my shop that didnt sell. This will be a week of taking photos and adding new things. If you would like to see what I had made for the craft sale stay tuned to Knitted For Ewe as will be on an adding frenzy.

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