Monday, June 7, 2010

Robbie The Robot

Just listed in my shop is Robbie The Robot. This is a fun pattern to knit. I have made this robot 3 times now and each one has been a different colour. Its funny how changing the colour can make each one look so different.

Once this little guy was all finished the other day, Victoria was asking me would I please make one the same for her birthday which is on the 21st of June. She gave him a little play test and reluctantly handed him back. I see another robot being made in the near future.

My favourite things about this pattern is the face and the way the antennae is done. There is actually a pipe cleaner inside it so it stands up straight just like a real robot.

When I seam him up I like to use a different method than I normally use. I crochet the pieces together so as to define the edges more and give him more of a box shape. It is hard to get a box shape with knitting as it tends to bulge out when you stuff it. With the crocheted edges this helps this to not happen so much.

Hopefully he will find his forever home soon because Victoria is very tempted to snatch him up and make him a part of her toy family.

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