Monday, June 14, 2010

A Belated Introduction

About a month and a half ago we got a new kitty. We finally convinced my husband that we needed a second kitty. So here is my kitty Dexter. He was 10 months old when we got him so now he is 11 months old. We set out to get a female that was at least a year old and came home with Dexter hehe. We had held so many cats and we kept saying this is not the one. Well when we were in this one kitty room at the Humane Society Victoria refused to pat any of the kitties. We thought this was unusual for her as she loves all kitties. We decided to look at Dexter because he kept pawing through the cage at us. When we got him out Victoria said this was the only one she wanted to pat and was waiting for him. I think it was love at first sight with those two. He just seemed so sweet and he had such a big grin when we were all patting him. This poor little guy had been declawed on all four paws so they were worried people wouldnt want to adopt him. Joe liked the fact that he didnt have claws and we all loved his personality.

We brought him home and he acted like he had lived here all his life. The random hissing from our other cat Ringo didnt phase him and he just wanted to snuggle with everyone. He spent the first 2 weeks being the most mellow cat you've ever seen. Well I guess he got comfortable because now he just plays and plays. He will play at the drop of a hat. He just loves Victoria and the feeling is mutual. He follows her around the house and even sits on the bathtub when she is taking a bath. She calls him her bath buddy. He loves kids and is in heaven when friends are over. He is extremely quirky though. I think he could have his own blog with all of his silly things he does. Before he came to us his papers say that he lived with a 5 year old, a 4 year old, a cat and a dog. The reason he was given up for adoption is the new baby was allergic to cats. This explains alot about his personality you see he kind of thinks he is a dog. He will carry cat toys in his mouth, bring them to you and drop them at your feet. If you throw it he will go get it play with it and bring it back for you to throw it again. Its so funny to watch.

With him having no claws we are discovering all the things that cats use their claws for. He cant grip onto the string when he is playing. He slides off things when he goes to jump up and when he scratches he has this look like he cant quite itch the way he wants. There are many silly things he does but a couple more are he is obsessed with people food and it doesnt matter what kind. He will even climb into the fridge when you open the door. When you have something to eat he needs to see what it is and he doesnt just sniff. He needs to try and taste as well. He tries but we dont let him. He did drink some of my coffee one day. I put it down to eat my food thinking cats dont drink coffee well I dont know if he would do it again but he definitely gave it a few licks hehe. He also suckles on things that a fluffy. He sucks on it like he is drinking from his mama kitty and kneads while he is doing it. He does it for quite a while and when he is finished the blanket or whatever he is doing it to is very soggy. He is quite noisy when he does it too. Its so funny to watch. He is definitely better than television hehe.

So that is my baby. Dont you just want to give him a big snuggle?

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Linda said...

He is adorable. Congratulations on your new family addition.