Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hamilton The Pig

A new critter has been added to my shop. He is Hamilton The Pig, named after Hamilton from Maggie & The Ferocious Beast show. This piggy was knitted from some soft cotton from a child's cardigan that I unraveled. This is the third pig that I have knitted from that cardigan so its proving to be quite useful.

If you look at the picture above you can see that this piggy has a very curly tail. Its funny because each of these pigs I have made, their tails have turned out different. Victoria's was kind of envious of this pigs tail as her pigs tail isnt as curly.

I love making this pattern because there arent many pieces to it. Seaming the under body to the top can be a little tricky but once you get that part done he is pretty much finished. This piggy is just the right size to tuck under your arm and snuggle with. I know this because my girls have done it many times with their pigs. Actually apparently they are big enough to gallop through the house with because Victoria will tuck Pinky The Pig between her knees and gallop through the house shouting Im riding my piggy and giggling like crazy. They are also good flyers because when Megan went on her first by herself plane trip last year at 14 she asked me to get something out of her carry on bag and low and behold, Wilbur The Pig, was in the bag hehe. That was so cute that she had to take him with her. I think everyone needs one of them in their household.

Here you can see his little curly tail and the trickiest part of seaming. Around his backside the under side is shorter than the body so you kind of have to evenly pleat the top to fit in with the bottom. It took me a few goes the first time but I think I have the technique down now.

So there you have Hamilton The Pig. Hopefully he will find his permanent home soon because he really wants to start having some fun.


Bird on Wire Studio said...

Hi Nicole,

He's just adorable! I sent you an Etsy convo about him - I'd love to adopt him!

Keep up the lovely work!

Abby :)

DS said...

if u still have him, is he for sale?

Nicole said...

Hi DS,
Hamilton has found a home but I can always make you your very own. The exact yarn that this Hamilton was made from I dont have any left and not able to get anymore of it but I have made this piggy in other yarns and each one is just as cute as the next. If you would like to send me a message on my Etsy shop we can figure it all out.
Thanks for your interest.