Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hamilton Went To His New Home

The pink pig Hamilton that was listed in my shop not to long ago just arrived at his new home. His new Mummy loves him so much that she had to do a blog post about him.

Here it is if you would like to see what adventures Hamilton has been on since his arrival.


It fills my heart with joy knowing something that I made can bring so much happiness. This is why I knit, this is what makes it so worthwhile.

Victoria fell in love with Hamilton while he was here. She has her own pig that looks just like him except Hamilton's tail seems to be a little more curly. Her pig is named Pinky. Apparently Hamilton and Pinky were boyfriend and girlfriend. Pinky had to come and check out where he went to and how he is doing. I think she was happy to see he is having fun.

Good luck Hamilton on all your coming adventures and thank you Bird On Wire Studio for all your kind words.

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Robyn said...

Hamilton certainly found himself in a wonderful home