Monday, February 1, 2010

Victoria's Knitted Gang

I just thought I would share all the knitted toys that I have made for Victoria, so far. I say so far because every time I make one for my shop she seems to want it or want one made for her.

In this photo you can see Pippo who still needs his overalls, the Christmas lamb and my favourite piggy. Megan has a pig as well. Megan's pig was made for the shop. He is a lighter colour pink. Megan really wanted him so she got him for her birthday, his name is now Wilbur. She must love him because he travelled to Tennessee with her. Then Victoria wanted a pig as well so then I made this one for her. Notice how I never got a chance to make one for the shop. I have been thinking lately I need to make another pig. I still have more yarn left from these two. They were made with yarn from an unravelled cardigan.

Two of these three have been around for quite a while. The alligator was the Christmas present of course. The monkey was made a few years ago. He is one of my favourite monkeys I have made. I think he has character and I love his colours. He has swung many many times from his tail. He also likes to do acrobats according to Victoria. The bunny pyjama bag gets used all the time. Victoria loves how his belly get big and fat when he has pjs in it. I did have one of these in my shop but my niece now has it. My sister tells me she uses hers as well. I think I will have to make another one soon. I recently got a pattern for a robot pyjama bag that I have been wanting to make. So many projects so little time.

So now you have met the knitted gang that lives in Victoria's room.

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