Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love In Every Stitch

I wanted to share some knitted things that my mum has made for Victoria lately. This will also give my Mum a chance to see how they look on Victoria as we are in America and she is in Australia. The jumper or sweater Victoria just loves. It was so funny when she got this and I told her that Grandma knitted it just for her we joked about a Spongebob episode where his Grandma knits him a sweater with love in every stitch. I told Victoria that she now has a jumper with love in every stitch. So she puts it on and says oh I can feel the love in every stitch and its so cozy and soft. She does the same thing every time she wears it. Now she can get a big hug from Grandma just by putting this on.

This Christmas Victoria also received this very soft fluffy crocheted hat from Grandma. When I told Victoria that Grandma had made it she told me she can now feel the love all over her head hehe. She wears this hat every day and just loves it.

I had to put the last photo in because this just shows my crazy Victoria. The hat photos were taken on Christmas morning and she was sitting in a sea of presents.

So if any of you knit something for somebody, dont forget to tell them that there is love in every stitch.

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Robyn said...

You look lovely with all that love around you Victoria.