Friday, February 12, 2010

Favourite Etsy Shop Friday

Favourite Etsy Shop Feature

My Other Princess

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm a mom to 2, the newest being almost 3 months old. A wife, a crafter and just all around creative person. I scrapbook, bake, soap, and I'm just learning to sew!

2. What made you open your shop and why Etsy?

I was buying a lot of handmade soaps. I thought I should start making them to save money. Plus I'd be able to adapt them for my needs. One thing led to another and the cupcakes started piling up and taking over so I decided to sell them. I already had another shop on Etsy, so it just seemed the place to list them!

3. Do you sell your products anywhere else?
I do have some cupcakes in a shop in NYC.

4. How did you choose your shop name?

Well I wanted to keep with the princess theme. My scrapbook shop (my first shop) is called PaperPrincess. So this is MyOtherPrincess

5. What are your favourite things to do?
I used to love to scrapbook. But I havent had time for it, in quite a long time. I love making cupcakes and decorating them. I love browsing and shopping on Etsy. My youngest has quite an Etsy wardrobe! I also spend way too much time on Facebook.

6. What inspires you?

Oh gosh. Colors, scents, pretty things, sparkly things. It doesnt take much to get my wheels turning!

7. What is your favourite bath product you make?
My bath bomb cupcakes. I love designing them!

8. Which product is the most popular?
The cupcakes and the most popular scent is probably the frosting, followed by cucumber melon, and sweet pea.

9. Which handmade possession given to you do you most cherish?
Given? Or bought? My brother is a woodworker. I cherish all of the pieces he has made for me over the years (some gifted, some bought) My favorite is a cabinet to display my country decorations in. My newest is a jewelry box that my husband just bought me (from him) for our anniversary.

10. Name 3 other Etsy shops you love to visit.

I can only pick 3 lol. I love Etsy way tooooo much. I love pouncing. I've found many of my favorite shops there.

Auntie Di's De-Lites - love love love her candles. She also has a tart shop.
Enchanted Memories - she created my label designs. She's an amazing digital designer. She worked so hard with me to get my designs perfect.
Take A Bow Bowtique - if you have a little girl, you need a bow from this shop!

Thank you so much to My Other Princess for being my favourite Etsy shop feature this week. In our house we are big fans of cupcakes and of bath bombs so to find something that is a combination of the two is just wonderful. Dont they look good enough to eat? Actually Megan saw these cupcake bath bombs and wanted to eat them. I had to convince her that she couldnt. What would go perfectly with your bath all fizzing with cupcakes is some handmade soap. If you've never tried handmade soap you definitely have to do it at least one time. I guarantee you'll want more. So if you feel like spoiling yourself or someone else you just have to go over and check out more of the products in this shop.


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