Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New Generation In Knitting

This past Christmas Victoria got a circle loom knitting kit with some soft purple wool to go with it. There was some confusion when she opened it because they thought for sure it must have been for me. Reading the gift tag twice we realized that this had to be for her. Victoria has asked me several times about learning how to knit and I kept telling her one day I would teach her. I would cringe a little at the thought of teaching her because for one she is left handed and I am right handed and thought that might be kind of tricky and two she is not a child with lots of patience. She loves for things to come easily to her and if she has lots of trouble she gets very frustrated and goes off in a huff proclaiming that she will never do it again. Yes she is very dramatic because I know that in a while she will be back to try again. These are visions I had at the thought of teaching her to knit and just thought maybe when she was a little older with a little more patience we could try. She is only 6 so we had some time.

Then the loom knitting circle arrived. She didnt seem to mind that it wasnt needles like Mummy, she was just excited to try. Well this girl was like a duck to water. We sat down and I showed her what to do and she just did it like she she'd been doing it forever. The funny thing is the only trouble she is having is making the loop after wrapping it around so the yarn doesnt come undone. Slowly but surely she is getting better at that.

So once she started she just loved it. She would ask me get a project and sit and knit with her and my husband would chuckle at the two of us knitting together proclaiming we looked so cute together. Over and over again whilst knitting Victoria would say "Oh Mummy I just love knitting. Its so much fun. Do you know what I love about it the most Mummy? I just love the feel of the yarn on your fingers. It so soft." Right then and there I knew she was hooked. When you can drool over the feel of the yarn and want to just keep going and going then you've caught the bug.

So Victoria's first ever knitting project she decided to make a bag for her good friend Maggie. The only thing that I did to help her was bind off the bottom, make the handles and do the lining. She decided on when the size of the bag was right. She told me how to do the handles and she picked the material for the lining. She was so excited and proud of herself when she was finished.

Maggie apparently loves her bag and her Mum was impressed that Victoria made it all by herself. She now has a new project in mind, another bag for another friend. This one apparently has to be blue with a butterfly on it. I think she also wants to make a blanket for herself with squares.

I am excited that Victoria loves to knit. She loves Star Wars and video games just like her Dad so it was my turn to pass something of mine on. She does also like to take photos and work in the garden so I guess I have those too. I tried to teach Megan how to knit years ago and she really didnt enjoy it. She didnt get that sparkle in her eye like Victoria got. She does like to bake and take photos like me so I guess I won her over on those things.

Its so nice to have these traditions get passed on.

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Robyn said...

Beautiful job Victoria. Grandma is proud.