Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something Cozy and Something Tasty

I just added two new things to my shop this week. The first thing is being modeled by the wonderful Megan. She has no problem posing for photos for my shop because she says that she is famous now she is on the internet hehe. These wristwarmers were made from a felted jumper. I cut the end of the sleeves and cut slits for the thumbs. I sewed the sides in a bit so that they were more fitted. I needed to jazz them up a bit so I embroidered leaves down the front. They turned out just like I wanted them too.

The next item I listed is this knitted cupcake. I made a couple for Megan for her birthday and thought they might be interesting to add to the shop. It is a quick project that is fun to make. I found these silver beads that look just like the silver nonpareils which always make me think of Megan when I see them. She had a fascination for cake and any cakes that has these on them when she was little. Actually she still does hehe. I love how the blue turned out. I was looking for some purple yarn that I know I have somewhere to use for this but couldnt find it. I went with this blue instead and it came out perfect.

Mmmmm doesnt it look yummy. It would be cool to make a whole bunch of them and display them in those cupcake holders they have. That would be fun to do.

Last week I had a terrible cold. It took me about 4 days to get through it. I dont usually get sick so it was strange to feel that way. It seems like Im the only one who is going to get it because everyone else in the house seems fine so far which is good. There was alot of sleeping going on once the girls went to school last week.

Hehe I just looked over and I see our kitty laying half on the vent with the heat blowing his very fluffy belly fur. He has a big kitty grin on his face and is in heaven. He loves to lay on the vent when the heat is blowing in all sorts of positions. Sometimes he is completely covering it and other times he just likes to sit up with it blowing his whiskers and chest fur. Oh such is the life of a cat. Today is sooooo cold outside so I dont blame him for wanting to get warm. It was brutal waiting for the bus to come this morning and of course it was running late.

I am trying to decide what my next project is going to be. I think it might have to be another lamb because the other ones were bought and need to be replaced. We shall see what takes my fancy.

My stuff is still at the coffee shop and has been for about 2 weeks now. We went in to check it out and see if anything got sold. Nothing so far but it was an excellent excuse to go in there and get a caramel cafe latte. I think we will have to check in every week hehe.

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Jackie said...

I love those wrist warmers - the embroidered leaves really make a big difference to them - beautifully done! :O)