Friday, March 20, 2009

Is It The Real Pippo?

Here is the Pippo that I made for Victoria. She has fallen in love with him which is just great. I had visions of me giving him to her and her saying "This isnt Pippo, I dont want it." When I gave him to her he didnt have the belly circle. For some reason I was having trouble with that so I gave him to her to see if she liked him better without it. The Pippo in the story doesnt have one, she just wanted him to have one. As soon as she got him I knew what the answer was because she looked at his belly and said "He doesnt have his belly circle." I knew how important it was after that hehe. So I sat down and figured it out. She says it looks just like she wanted it too. Thats all I wanted hehe.

These were taken last weekend when Victoria and I went on our walk. It was Pippo's first tour of Sinclairville. She says he liked it. He has been everywhere since he was finished. I still have to make his overalls. He has to have his red and white striped overalls. We found the right material, now I just have to sit down and try and figure that one out.

Here is Pippo getting a rare moment to himself.

You've gotta have the butt shot.

I figured if I could get the face right then the rest would look like him. The face was the most important part so I took my time on that one.

Here is the real Pippo. We have read all his books many times over. They are so cute. Do you think our Pippo looks like the real one?

This is the real Pippo just hanging out.

I am so excited for tomorrow. Joe and I are going on our annual date. We are going to a restaurant called Ye Hare 'n Hounds Inn. This is their website.
We've never been there before but heard good things about it. The menu online looks good to me especially the desserts. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will get to go because Victoria has been sick for the past week on and off. There is something going around and it reached her. I thought she was over it last Thursday but she got sick again on f Wednesday night. After that I realized that I dont think she had been over it all week from last week because she wasnt eating like she usually does. I hope yesterday was the last of it. We cant send her off to get babysat if she isnt feeling well. I did manage to find someone to babysit. Megan is happy because its her friends mum. Meg is friends with Maya and Victoria is friends with her sister Maggie so if they do get to go they will have a great time. Victoria says at least once an hour that she cant wait to play with Maggie so I hope we dont have to tell her its cancelled. We shall see, there is still time.

Well I better end this post so I can get to the post office. I am still waiting of four things that I bought on Etsy and I am hoping that at least something will be there today.

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Anonymous said...

Pippo is perfect.

What a character filled face he has.