Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Couple Of Finished Things And Prettiness

Yep its another monkey. These are the items that I made for the lady at MOPS who is having a baby. The monkey is for her two year old son. I figure you cant go wrong with a monkey. I like the colours of this one. They turned out really cute. Before I started him I went back and forth on brown with blue accents or blue with brown accents. I think I like him being mostly blue.

Monkey butt shot. As you know each monkey I make turns out different from the last. This one is no exception. His tail isnt very curly this time. Go figure on the monkey thing.

Dont ask me why this photo is sideways when all the other ones showed up the right way. I have no idea hehe. I will just count it as a little quirk in this post. This is the baby hat that I made. I made the booties first which are suppose to look like mary jane's. I just thought I would make the hat match. I went back and forth on the ribbon colour. I thought red would pop but then thought maybe black on black might be nice as well. So I just stuck with the original plan of red. I hope she likes it.

These are the little mary janes. Arent they cute. It may be hard to see in the photos the details with them being in black. I think you can see it a bit better in the next photo. I used the very soft washable wool for this project. I have been able to use that yarn for alot of projects and still have some left over.

Here is the set together. Now you may be thinking there is something wrong with this picture. There is, and I will tell you what that is in case you havent figured it out. Usually with booties there are two of them, right? Well I was right at the end of getting this ready the day before just tying on the ribbon when I realized I had made two left booties. It doesnt usually matter with booties but with them buttoning at the side it kind of mattered. So the night before I wanted to give them I had to whip up another one for the right side. I decided to take these photos with just the one bootie because when the other one was done they had to be wrapped up. Wouldnt you know it, the lady who was to receive these didnt end up making it to the meeting because her son was sick. Oh well, they are wrapped and ready to give at the next meeting.

I mentioned before that St Patricks Day was our 8 year wedding anniversary. Well on that day my husband came home with a dozen pink roses. I just love roses and they filled the kitchen with their beautiful aroma. I just had to take photos of them. I still have them but Im afraid they are going to have to get thrown out today because they no longer look so great. Its always sad to throw a bouquet of flowers out.

We did end up having our fancy dinner for our anniversary. Megan and Victoria went to a friends house where they each had someone to play with. Victoria was so excited she was calling it Maggie Day. Joe and I had a fabulous time at our fancy restaurant. I dont think we will be back there too often because it was very expensive but it was definitely a nice treat. I actually went a little crazy with all I ordered because I figured I wouldnt be back there any time soon and wanted to try all that I could. I had my first ever martini. Im not really a drinker but this was a yummy Cappucino Martini and I was up for trying new things. I had these very scrumptious scallops wrapped in bacon with Teriyaki sauce. So yummy I can taste it just thinking about it. I had a coconut chicken with mango stuffing and a raspberry meringue for dessert. We were so full by the end. It was well worth it. We gave the lady babysitting the children a dozen doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts as a thank you. We always bring a Thank You gift when someone watches the children for us.

Well better go and catch up with the husband, he just got home.

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