Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sad Knitting News For Me :(

We went to get our hair cuts done on Saturday. Our hair salon just happens to be right near my favourite knitting shop so of course we had to go and visit. Walking up the stairs a notice was posted on the way that the shop is closing. Yep you read it right its closing. I had to read it a few times to believe it. The lady that owns it has decided to move to California near the beach. She gave me all the little critters and stitch markers that I had made for the shop. I realized when I got home that I forgot one and will have to call her on Tuesday to check if its still there.

I will definitely be going back before its final closing date which is April 18th. She is marking down everything with the last 2 weeks being 40% off. That could be a great bonus for me but still I would rather the shop still being around than getting a bunch of sales.

Last week we went and checked if another craft shop I had visited before was still there because we hadnt visited in quite a while. Nope, thats not there either. What is happening around here? The only one left locally is in Bemus Point about 30 minutes from here. If that goes, there will be no more local cool yarn shops left for me to drool over. Although there is still one I have left to try. It better not be gone before I can get there.

I guess a silver lining in getting my items back from the yarn shop is I now have a bunch of new stuff to add to my shop. I will have lots of photos I have to take now to be able to add them. There is quite alot. It may help generate some sales. I think I will do one a day type thing. It should be interesting.

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