Monday, March 30, 2009

A Monster Who's Not So Scary

This is Maddox. He's just a little guy and wouldnt hurt a fly. You see he's on 5 1/2 inches tall. He could only reach your ankle anyway.

This is the latest edition to my Etsy shop. I bought the pattern on Etsy a few weeks ago from Danger Crafts. The designer is Rebecca Danger and she makes lots of other cute guys as well. I think she just added a bunny recently. In the examples of monsters in the pattern they are all knit with fairly chunky yarn. This one is knit with Sugar n Cream cotton yarn on size 3 needles so he only came out small. I think I would like to knit one with some Lion Brand Homespun yarn and see what he would look like. Alot different I think.

With the release of the new movie Monsters vs Aliens coming soon I thought it quite fitting to make a monster. Monsters just might be everywhere soon.

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