Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Painting Frenzy & A Strange Project

For the past 4 days I have been madly painting Victoria's room to try and get it finished. Tomorrow I have to second coat the base boards on the purple walls so that I can at least put all her things in her room, which are currently scattered around our house. I figure this way I will be able to do the window, closet door and touch ups even with her room back to normal. We have Megan's Girl Scout Troop coming over tomorrow night so I dont really want all this stuff lying around with all these girls here. This is why I have been in a painting frenzy. I am kind of getting sick of painting non stop and Victoria is sick of me painting non stop and hardly playing but it will be worth it when its all done.

This will be a sad little no photo post today because I havent had a chance to load any photos Ive taken this week onto the computer. Next time there will be photos to scope out, I promise.

Joe's dad brought over his mum's yarn that is left over. There was quite alot in there plus tons of crochet hooks and crochet blanket patterns that she has collected. Amongst these things was a blanket that she had started crocheting. There was about 5 stripes done and then apparently thats when she started to get really sick and couldnt work on it anymore. All the yarn is there to finish the blanket so I have taken it upon myself to finish this last blanket that she was working. I am not a crocheter. I can do enough to use it in knitting projects when needed. The strangest thing happened when I I had decided to do this blanket. I thought there would be no way I could figure out how to crochet the pattern she had chosen and was all prepared to call Joe's Grandma in the morning to ask if she would help me. I sat there looking at this blanket for about 5 minutes at all the stitches and all of a sudden I just knew how to do it. So whenever I have had a spare minute since Sunday night have been working on this blanket. You cant even tell where she left off and I started. Isnt that weird. Joe is a little freaked out that I am working on the last blanket his mum was making and seeing all her crochet stuff in our house. I just feel it in my soul that she wants me to finish this blanket for her. I have been meaning to ask Joe's dad if she meant this blanket to be for someone or if she was just making it. If it was meant for someone I will definitely hand it over to them when its done. If not, we will keep it. It doesnt even feel like its my blanket. I didnt pick the colours, or the pattern and I didnt start it so it just feels like I am helping out to finish someone elses work.

There is enough yarn in the stash that could make another blanket. I think she was planning to use it to make a shades of blue blanket because the colours look like they go together. I have a feeling there is more yarn at their house. This just looks like to piles set aside for 2 different projects. I think she has more yarn sitting around that are leftovers from other projects. Being a knitter I know you always have a big stash of leftovers sitting around somewhere.

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