Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Small Update

This week I got a bit of knitting done.

I made some red and black fingerless mittens for my knitting friend. For some reason the strips didnt match up as well as the other ones I made but it didnt look too bad. I also sent her 2 sets of stitchmarkers that I made. I just got a message from her that she received and loves her present so thats a good thing.

I have been working on my mother in laws blanket whenever it takes my fancy and its growing pretty nicely. I think this week I am going to lay it out and try and figure out how long I actually want it to be so Im not just crocheting without a clue when I am stopping hehehe. I think it will be big enough to put on a bed so I will have to figure out how long it should be from that.

I finally got Victoria's pink and purple mittens made. She loves them. On Friday morning when she got up she got to try them on with the purple fluffy cuff attached and all done. She didnt want to take them off and even ate her cereal while wearing them. That was funny to watch. She did have to take them off to drink the milk in the bowl otherwise she would be wearing it hehe. She likes that when she claps it doesnt make a loud sound. She wants to be able to put them on herself so I have realized that I am going to have to embroider a little L and R inside each mitten so she can know which goes on which hand. It will also help her learn her left and rights. I am now working on a matching hat. The pattern that I am using seemed a little small for her head so I am trying to knit it bigger adjusting the pattern myself. Im hoping I have adjusted it right otherwise I will have to unravel it and start again. Two things I learned making these mittens even though I have made them before is, its a good idea to measure the persons hand before starting and Victoria has really long fingers just like her mummy. Once I am finished with Victoria's matching hat I will post a picture of the set. I think I will end up making another set for her because the cuff turned out not as long as I want because silly me just went by the pattern.

Once I am done with Victoria's set I have to get started on a pair of mittens using the same pattern. These mittens are for Joe's Grandma as requested in black. She wants a pair to use while brushing snow off the car and stuff. She really liked the ones I made for myself. I have the main yarn. I just need to get the fluffy yarn. Every time I go to get some they dont have what I am looking for. Hopefully next weekend I will find what I am looking for. I have also figured out while knitting Victoria's mittens that I can knit this pattern on double pointed needles instead of two needles like the pattern asks. This is excellent because it eliminates the chunky seam that you get with two needles. I may have to make myself another pair after discovering this. There's going to be mittens all over the place hehe.

I still havent had a chance to start the knitted bears but they arent far from my mind. My goal is to have at least one made to give to knitting shop before Christmas. Fingers crossed it will happen.

Megan had her first basketball game on Friday. It was fun to watch. We did learn a big thing by watching this game. Megan needed new sneakers to play basketball in. She was wearing some that she borrowed from a friend and it was like watching Basketball On Ice. She was sliding all over the place. She was playing really well but the sliding was making it hard. She did score a basket though. That was exciting. She has another game tomorrow afternoon and yesterday we went out and found a really good pair of Reeboks on sale for $30 that even have bright orange all over them. She will notice a big difference when she plays tomorrow. I think her coach will be surprised at the difference as well. Much better.

Megan had a good week last week it seems. She won a competition for a short story she wrote for one of her classes. She got tons of prizes. I cant wait to read the whole story. I have only seen the first couple of paragraphs. She also got her report card. Normally when she starts a new year the first quarter is an adjustment period. She still gets honour roll but she struggles. Apart from getting more work, her scores dont suggest any struggling this year. Her average is 96.88. Her two lowest scores are 93 and apart from maths, all her other scores are 99. Maths being 100. She said she would have got 101 for maths but they wouldnt let her teacher put higher than 100 hehe. Oh that Meggy. Always the super student. Cant complain about that.

This week is Thanksgiving. It should be an interesting one. I think I will leave that subject at that until we make it through the day hehehe.

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