Friday, November 9, 2007

Victoria's Room

Here are some shots of Victoria's room that is mostly finished with painting. I wont get to finish all of it because Joe is putting plastic on her window this weekend so I ran out of time. I just have around the window and the closet door but it looks pretty finished. Now we just have to get some carpet, more furniture and some pretty things to decorate and it will look the way I want it to look. Oh she definitely needs a new curtain. These curtains are temporary ones from our old house. If you click on the photo you may make out the black Spiderman photo on her wall better hehe.

Here is the bookshelf that use to be blue but is now purple like the walls. She got the Care Bear poster from Megan's friend for her birthday. It fits in well with the purple I think.

Here is another corner of her room. I cannot tell you how much I hate this floor lamp. In fact everyone hates this floor lamp. It was $10 and happen to go with her old room. It doesnt even stand up straight hehe. I have found two possible replacements for this light. Either a floor lamp that has three shades that are purple, pink and white or a floor lamp that looks like a street lamp that is white. The street lamp one also has 4 pegs so that you can hang coats and stuff on them. I love multipurpose furniture.

Here is the rug that is in Victoria's room. She said she had to have this rug because she is a princess. There were other choices and this is why she picked this one. She loves to sit on it and pretend she is in the castle. We have had tea parties on the castle as well. This was a bargain we got for $30. It was hard to believe the price because most rugs are about $80 and up.

So that is Victoria's room right now. It looks like more of a room and she told me is just like she dreamed it would look like so I guess you cant ask for more than that hehe.

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