Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sad Knitting News

I met a lady last night at the new Monday night Knitting Group at the library. We have been having a Knitting Group on Wednesday morning but now we have one at night for those who cant come in the day. We were discussing yarn shops in the area and I mentioned The Falconer Yarn Loft where I use to go all the time. They lady I was speaking with asked me if I had heard that the lady that owned it had passed away. I had not heard this and I am so sad to hear it. This lady was always so so nice to us. She sold my knitted critters in her shop and I use to get store credit. We would also just go there so I could get a yarn fix every now and then. She just loved Victoria and would always try to get her to come out of her shell when we were there. She liked to give her a little something just to brighten her day. Without her we wouldnt have Victoria's beloved Dragon Mittens that she has worn non stop all winter for the past 2 years. She chatted football with Joe and always commented to Megan on how tall she was getting.

She had decided to move to California to be near her children and grandchildren. She said she had always dreamed of living near the beach and decided the time was now. She had giggled with us as she talked about wanting to ride a motorcycle across country. It saddens me to say that I found out last night that she had only been in California for 2 weeks when she passed away. It just really puts you in that mindset of you just never know whats going to happen and to live every day as if it was your last. I am so glad that for at least 2 weeks she lived her dream.
She will be sorely missed.

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