Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Hat

This past week I finally got to add something new to my Etsy shop. I made this Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Hat and I love how it turned out. I love it so much I have since made a second one. They dont take very long to make. The second one I made is brown and a silver blue. It will be going to the craft sale that is coming sooner than I want to admit.

So many different colour designs start bouncing around my head when I think about making this hat. I think each one would give a different affect. You may be seeing more swirl hats in my shop in the future.

About a week ago I sent some knitted critters off to a lady I met through Etsy who asked me about doing some wholesale knitted items. I really meant to take a picture of them all together when they were finished but ended up finishing them and quickly sticking them in the mail. I sent her a baby monkey in blue and white, a fuzzy bunny that was big and fat and black and white, a Marcel Mouse and a lamb with a pink cardigan. I found out the other day that these guys are going to a real shop to be sold which is kind of exciting. So if you happen to be in New York city go to
Canine Country Club
at the dedicated Stoopher & Boots displays
452A Columbus Ave (between 81st and 82nd sts)
New York NY

If you happen to see them there I would love to hear about it. Maybe you can take a photo on location. That would be so fun.


owlsomegifts said...

this is very cute. I love the color combination!

thea said...

Oh oh oh!! That's awesomely cute!!