Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Little Bit Of Sugar

Ive been meaning to share my sweet little bear for a while. Her name is Sugar. She was found a Handmade Teddy Bear Convention that I went to many years ago with my friend Nerida. My love of handmade bears comes from her. She and her mother make wonderful mohair bears and when your around that you cant help but fall in love with them. Sugar was part of a set. Her partner is Spice and he is brown. Nerida bought Spice and we couldnt seperate them so I bought Sugar.

While living in America my sister had gone over to my Mum's house and seen Sugar there because all our stuff is still at her house. She decided that Sugar wanted to come and visit her house for a while. Well this was a very long visit. You could say Sugar moved in. Years and years she had been there. When Kylie said they were coming to America I realized this was an opportunity to have at one of my bears here so I asked her to bring her with her. She is kind of heavy so posting her would have been alot. My collection isnt that big, I probably have about 3 more sitting in my mum's house just waiting to join me. I especially miss Charles Winston III the eccentric millionaire. He has such character. These bears are such a luxury so I dont get them very often. I do drool on Etsy alot though hehe. If you checked out my favourites list you would find quite a few of them dotted throughout my long list.

One sad thing happened to poor Sugar during her stay with my sister. She had this puppy and apparently she didnt realize Sugar was a special bear and thought she was a rather nice puppy chew toy. My dear Sugar now has no ears due to some puppy nibbling. I was shocked a little when I saw them as I was informed that they were just torn a little only to find there really are no ears left but it just means I have to give her extra love and hugs. Im so glad to have her here with me. Thanks Kylie for lugging her all this way.

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