Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Fluffy Black Kitty

Here is a custom order I have been working on for the past week. Her name is Olive as was told to me by her new owners. She was to be black and fluffy with olive green eyes, a pale pink nose and cream whiskers. She was also to have an olive green colour. I asked if she should have rhinestones on her collar and it was said that she was a kitty who needed rhinestones. I really hope they like how she turned out.

They yarn that was used is Joann Sensations Beautiful. I hadnt used this yarn before but Megan and I have drooled over its complete softness so many times. I just knew I had to make this kitty in such a luxurious soft fluffy yarn. Every one in this house keeps harassing me on how fat this kitty turned out. I am trying to ignore the fact that she came out fatter than I thought she would. I have made this pattern before but in bunny form and he was much skinnier. I hadnt made this pattern in a long time and Im not sure if I adjusted the pattern when I had made it as this time I made it as was written. Gee I hope they dont mind that she is extra cuddly as I like to refer to it. Perhaps her super softness will make up the difference. Perhaps its just her fur that makes her look a little on the plump side.

I may end up making another one of these kitties soon as the customer hinted that they may just want one for themselves as well as the person they are giving this one too. Perhaps before they order I need to ask them do you want a sleek kitty or a plump kitty hehe.

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