Thursday, November 12, 2009

Late Halloween Photos

I am finally showing off the pictures that I took at Halloween. A little late I know but here they are. I just had to show Victoria in her vampire costume. Her picks this year was to either be a vampire which she had been talking about since last Halloween or a late entry of being Darth Vader. She ended up going with a vampire which was nice and easy to do. One cape which apparently has to be black on the outside and red on the inside and a set of fangs that came with the makeup. She just loved those teeth even though they were a little big for her mouth and turned her into a very drooly vampire hehe. She was very specific about wanting the blood dripping from her mouth as well.

This Halloween we saw a completely different Victoria. I was so proud. In the past we had to walk her up to every door as she edged her way there. She wouldnt say Trick or Treat and was to shy to say Thank You. This year she was running to each house, shouting trick or treat and saying thank you all over the place. The only thing we had to do was keep saying slow down so that we could all catch up to her. It was pretty chilly that night but she was determined to be a true vampire and refused to admit she was cold to put a jacket on. Her hands were red with cold but she wanted no part of being warm and who were we to rain on her parade hehe.

So this Halloween brought Victoria out of her shy shell a bit and it was wonderful to see. Now Megan being 15 said she didnt want to dress and all she wanted to do was be with her friend Maya so off she went. I knew being with Maya that some dressing up would have to take place, I was right. It was very Megan's style though. She wore her panda hat that I made her and her Zebra mask on the back of her head so she was a Zebra and a Panda. Wish I could have seen that hehe.

I just had to show the drawings that Victoria did on her pumpkin this year. They make me giggle when I see them. I just love the monster. He reminds me of a monster from Where The Wild Things Are. We were all impressed. She is a good artist, even her Art teacher has told us so. Just like her big sister.

Victoria is still talking about this message she wrote on her pumpkin. If you are having trouble seeing it, it says, Vampire! run for yor lives! She thought this was really good.

So that was our Halloween this year. I hope everyone else had a great one too.

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