Monday, October 12, 2009

Robbie The Robot

I have been working on this custom order for a few weeks now. He is Robbie the Robot. His pattern was designed by the wonderfully talented Danger Crafts who also designed Maddox the Monster.

This was a pretty easy pattern and the instructions were wonderful and explained everything clearly. It felt like he took alot longer to make than I thought he would but maybe that was because I wanted him to be perfect. In fact I started knitting him on size 9 needles and got the head and body all made up. I did an approximate measurement of what he would be in the end and didnt like it. I wanted him to be 18 inches and this was only going to be 16 inches. So I started him again from scratch. The other robot will have to be finished and given to someone else. I am so glad I restarted because now he is exactly 18 inches and just how I wanted him. The customer chose the orange and blue colour and I think its a wonderful choice.

Megan says that he is the fattest robot she's ever seen but I think she kinda likes that because she gave him a hug test and it made her smile. Hopefully he has the same effect on his recipient hehe. The only things I did differently from the pattern is I stuffed the arms and legs and I did the seams using a crochet seaming technique. I'm glad I did the crochet seaming as it help keep the box shape. The arms and legs look good being stuffed but the other way would have worked as well.

Robbie is off in the mail tomorrow as today is a public holiday. He sure looks excited to be going to his forever home soon.

Now Im going back to getting things made for the December craft sale and adding things to my shop.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving Robbie the Robot. He looks ready for instructions.

Anonymous said...

Olivia said, "Aunty Micole can make toys and she is very can't make toys can you Mum, you can only paint pictures"...

gardenmama said...

You are a talented knitter!
Such a sweet little robot friend : )