Friday, October 16, 2009

No Feature Today But Admiration

I had a feature all lined up for today but things happen and sometimes you have to adjust so the feature that would have been this week will be featured on another Friday.

I dont want to leave you with nothing to read so I thought that I would give you some a list of knitting shops that I admire.

1. Little Cotton Rabbits
Blog Little Cotton Rabbits
You need to take a look at these knitted toys. They are simply amazing. When you see them you will understand why when she sells them they are all gone in minutes. I drool every time I see them.

2. Lilibeth's Garden
Blog Lilibeth's Garden

These felted bags are what inspired me to start trying to make them myself. If you look in the sold section of her shop you will see amazing and beautiful bags. I love the colours, the embroidery and the style of her bags. She even helped me out when I first got started giving me all sorts of advice. I am very grateful.

3. Down In The Meadow
Little Meadow Babies
Blog Down In The Meadow

I love how natural all the knitted toys are in this shop even down to the stuffing. Victoria and I have spent some time gushing over all the little animals and which ones we would like to own. We especially love the gnomes. I am loving the new Little Meadow Babies shop. I have fallen in love with the drawstring bag. Can grown ups use that too?

4. Knitting Dream

I just discovered this shop about a week ago and Im still in awe at these felted bags. You just have to see how amazing they are. You can buy the patterns or you can buy some of the bags. I would love to be able to make one but I dont know if Im feeling brave enough. Perhaps I would just have to buy a bag and admire it.

5. Fuzzy Mitten
Blog Fuzzy Thoughts

I have two pattern from Fuzzy Mitten. They are easy to do and fun to make. I love the fact that you can make all these knitted clothes to go with them. Every time I look at her shop I want to buy more and more of her patterns. They are some of the cutest knitted toy patterns you can find out there.

6. Debi Birkin Designs
Her patterns can be found right now at

I dont own any of these knitted toy patterns but I wish I did. I just drool every time I see them. I just want to get my hands on some of these patterns and start making some super cute stuff although I think once I started I wouldnt be able to stop hehe.

Well there wasnt a Favourite Etsy Shop Feature but I had fun showing you other knitters that I look up to. I hope you have maybe found some new knitters that you like as well.

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Heidi said...

Awwww!! Thanks so much for featuring me, and for such nice words!! How sweet!! :o)